Normal 2019 or Pro?

Hey Guys,

I’m in doubt wether to get the “Normal” 2019 or the Pro version. Could you give me some hints?
I have ~20 Hue Lights, 5 Sonos Speakers, 5 Ikea Tradfri Lights, some Hue Sensors + Buttons, some Sonoff Basic’s, 4 Z-Wave Sensors, 2 433Mhz controlled devices and would like to add some more.

Any idea on what is the best choice?


Its amount of different devices that is more important then the number of devices.

Perhaps there is someone who migrated their system from a Homey to a Homey Pro - with out upgrading to v2 who can let us know if there is a difference in ‘normal’ performance.

Sorry The Pro’s are not available in my region.

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It is difficult to say and it depends on what you do and are planning to do with your Homey. Do you have flows that run very often for example? For the biggest part, it depends on the number of apps you will need. One note, there are people with 40+ apps on a normal Homey that don’t have issues and there are people with 30+ apps that do experience issues. It depends per situation.

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I have some flows that run every few minutes yes, but not like every second!

When I do a quick count of apps needed for the devices you have I think on an average situation a normal Homey would be sufficient for you. But like I said every situation is different. Though I do think that if you have plans in the future to expand devices, you probably will reach limits very soon. Future wise my advise would be to buy a Homey Pro if you are planning to expand what most people do over time.

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Also if you want to install musthaves such as Heimdall and “extras” such as led ring collection , groups, etc these count as apps as well and some do use more ram than others. And ram which in my experience is something the normal homey does not have enough.
I only have 24 apps for now because of “strange” behaviour i experienced which Athom support describes as too little free ram. and i still have only 5% of memory available

So browse through the homey apps and count the amount of apps you think you want to use. if you hit 30 I suggest considering the pro. but that is on my experience… I wished I had waited for the pro to be available . i have the normal 2019 version now, but i can’t say for sure the pro would have fixed these “memory -issues”.

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