Homey or Homey Pro?

Is any sence to buy the Pro version? I plan to connect smart tools from 8-10 different suppliers.
Please share your experience, thanks.

From today’s point of view I could not imagine at the beginning how many apps I would actually use later. Don’t think too small to save some money. If you want to have enough leeway Homey Pro is the right choice. Endless possibilities and for that you need enough CPU power, RAM and memory :wink:

Thanks, I heard also that the Pro version antenna has a smaller covarage than the normal version. It’s true?
Is any difference how much smart tools can you connect to normal and Pro version?

There is no other change than the SOC with a different CPU (# of cores) and memory specified. Other changes are unlikely unless someone has opened a normal and a Pro of the same production batch and can show some other differences.

So untill then only the changes here:

I bought the original edition, and with almost 80 devices and over 30 apps installed I sometimes notice that Homey speech is stuttering or there is a 2 second delay when I open my door and the light should go on.

However, that usually happens after Homey has been running for quite some time and there have been a few firmware updates in between. After pulling the plug it will run flawlessly again.

I guess that up to 50 devices it really will work well on a normal Homey, if you think you are going to add more you might consider the Homey Pro. But this will also depend on the amount of installed apps, some apps are heavier than others, the amount and ‘weight’ of the flows and such…

I use homey pro and it seems to be a problem any way with this device. I thought a pro version could be more stable but mine is not. Where I got a flow to just turn on 5 Fibaro dimmer even with a delay it’s like 4 times out of 10 one device is not reacting. It might be only storage difference.

Thank you that you shared your experince.

I heard also not to good things about Pro version. I think I will wait for HC3 and either the normal Homey or HC3 will be my choice.