How much can a 512MB Pro handle!

I’d like to experiment and search for boundaries.

At the moment my Homey Pro (512MB RAM - singlecore) uses 640MB’s, and has -130MB’s of free memory :thinking::crazy_face:
It runs 41 apps / 259 devices / 504 flows.

But now I’m starting to notice it responds slower at sensors and switching lights.
I was told b/c the -130MB’s free memory are being swapped to ssd storage.
Since ssd has a certain amount of writes limit, it’s probably not a good idea in terms of life time.

But it’s fun to test things.

I’m sure someone has more than 41 apps on his/her non-pro?

What’s your (usable) limit?

Cheers, Peter

I think @Rocodamelshekima is going to beat this by far… :stuck_out_tongue:

I read something about 67 apps for Roco? Or is it all his 3 (right?) Homey’s combined?:crazy_face:


It was even more then 67!