Two homey in the same house?

Hello! I have a homey pro today! but I see it starts to run out of storage and memory, had to delete some apps today to get backup … what is it like to have two homey in the same house? do I have to log in and out of the app when I go into one of them?

Ur first Homey will love it! Not alone anymore and someone to talk to (HTTP or MQTT) .

Nope. They can be on just 1 account so just choose another Homey in ur app.

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nice😊 how is this set up? log in with the same email without backup?

Same email, with or without back-up. Back-up is for 3 devices.

“You can make a backup of up to 3 Homeys at the same time. You can manage your backups under My Backups on the Homey website.”

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My two homey talk to each other via MQTT. This works very well and without increasing the latency. It is not a problem if Homey 1 detects a movement that Homey 2 triggers the action.
It is even still a Home Assistant in the MQTT network. All 3 bridges can see each other and execute commands among themselves.


Just curious of how many apps you run when it runs out of memory?
I can run over 30 apps on a 512MB Pro.
Are you sure it is a 1024MB Pro you bought?

I run 51 apps and 286 flows😂son flows are inactive and maybe could be deleted, but I have saved them for later. The image is after I deleted some apps and got the backup through.

Ah okay then. The # of flows is not an issue related to the memory afaik. I’ve over 500 on my 512MB Pro.
Have a look here :grin: :

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how did you do that?
Can you refer me to some online guide that explains the process With MQTT?

You need 3 apps.

MQTT Broker (Server) - install on one homey
MQTT Client - install on both homeys
MQTT Hub - install on both homeys

Config Broker:

Config Clients:

Config Hub:



Actually you do not need to have another broker running on your Homey - you may connect MQTT client to your existing mosqitto (just screenshot 2 - with IP of your broker and 3 and 4)…

But it does say install broker on ONE of the Homey’s :wink:

Obviously a broker is required somewhere … which is the reason for your wink about mosquito I assume as it contradicts.

The internal Homey MQTT Broker App should be avoided if possible. Use an external broker like mosquito if you can, I know it’s another box. If you are using HomeAssistant as well then you can use the HA broker.

Retention of payloads is not supported by the Homey broker and is important, particularly if any of the clients disconnect or restart as they then are unable to synch the status from the broker

There is a workaround where you can force MQTT hub to resend all the status information again but that is fairly processor intensive.

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Now I have gone to purchase a homey to😆 if I run mqtt broker on the old and client on the new, and not runs backup on the new … can I then add flows to script in client homey? does it run both ways? or is it only the homey broker who should have all the flows and script? now the homey broker starts to get full and freezes occasionally. I would like to distribute the tasks on each of the homeys. Is that possible?

I no longer have two Homeys. Due to the trouble with the Conbee Stick, I got rid of a Homey and switched to Home Assistant. Unfortunately I can’t help anymore.

Ok HA is better? Isn’t it much scripting?

Rocodamelshekima Do you know if it’s possible?

I think you misunderstood my question… Is it possible to make a backup from my old homey to my new homey and then have the same units on they both? Or only one homey with all units and flows and script? No backup on the client from broker homey?

No, this is not possible. The devices can only register with one of the two Homeys. You can reduce the load on the Homey if you distribute the tasks.