How to handle two different houses?


I’m about to setup my first Homey smart home, in the house we live in.

We also have a cottage on another location where I would like to have a Homey smart home as well.

Is it possible/easy to have two different “systems” in the app, like switching “house”, or do I need to logout/in each time to control the other house?

Thanks in advance!


In the mobile app u can switch Homeys without logging out. Homeys need to be on 1 account tho. Also in the developers pages it is possible to switch Homeys.In the it is not possible to switch, u need to log out and in again. Even when in the same account.

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For me as a total beginner, this means that I easy can control both houses, but when building/editing Flow’s I need to log out/in?

That seams very fine with me.

For the logging in and out part for the flows: that’s just on the This is a desktop app. In the flow editor on ur mobile u can just switch Homeys.

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