Two homes, two Homey bridges, One account?

I am looking into starting with Homey Bridges… One in my home (Home A) and one in my summer cottage (Home B).

Two questions that I hope someone can help me with…

Can I create a flow where a device in Home B triggers an event in Home A?
(example: Temperature in Home B drops below XX turns on red light in Home A)

Will i need one Homey premium subscription for each location or is the subscription tied to the account?

Thanks in advance,
Henrik, Potential Homey Bridge user

Homey’s don’t natively talk to each other but maybe you could do something via Webhooks and flows.

You might have to ask Athom about the subscription using their support system.

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I experimented a bit b/c it should work with webhooks.
I’m Using a Pro & Bridge instead of 2 Bridges; This shouldn’t matter imho.

From my Pro I send a webhook and it results in an error "error":"mesh_node_offline"

From my Bridge I send this webhook and it works fine:

It’s the same webhook with different Athom ID’s.

Could be an issue with Homey cloud. Might be worth reporting that to Athom to see if they can work out what is going wrong.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t implement it thinking webhooks are too advanced for the bridge intended audience.

@aaboe : Yes that’s possible (tested) using http requests / webhooks, like Adrian wrote.

@Adrian_Rockall @Edwin_D Thanks guys. I seem to not read the hints sometimes :grin:.
I just discovered the webhook url is somewhat different for the Bridge:

So, now I’m sure you can command a Cloud/Bridge with an other Cloud/Bridge or a Pro using http requests / webhooks.
Edit: for using 2 Bridges you’ll need 2 unique accounts (for now) (thanx Geurt).

Here’s the notification of received webhooks of both Homeys:

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On a Athom Account you can create/have a maximum of ONE Homey (Cloud) with or without a Bridge,
So you need Two Accounts and can invite the other user/manager to a Homey.
You will be Owner of one and max Manager of the other.

Not sure this limitation is definite or only for the Beta phase.


You’re right, Geurt. I overlooked the ONE account part.

Should be no issue for the rest of the solution, you just need a second account or a partner to be the owner of the second Homey…
Only managing family members and system updates are limmited to the owner.

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