1 Premium with 2 homes

Hi, I have a question regarding homey premium. Can I use 1 premium account for 2 different ”homes” with 1 homey bridge in each home? I samt to use one account for my home incl bridge + summer house incl bridge.

I think each account can only have one Homey / bridge at the moment. It would be best to ask Athom this question via their support system.

Thank you but where can I find their support system?


I think there is also an email address of support@athom.com but that is just a guess.

Ok, I have just had confirmation that it will never be one subscription for multiple homes. It is a technical issue not a choice by Athom.
So you will need to create multiple accounts

Uhm didn’t Athom develop this system? :thinking:

I guess they designed a system within constraints of the hosting environment. I doubt they had the budget to provide their own hardware.
But just passing on what I was told :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for the info

Smells like a load of BS to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also asked Athom,

The way I read the Answer from Athom this one is a commercial choice,

No you need a Premium subscription for each Homey (With or without Homey Bridge) to use it with full options (with > 5 Devces, Insights, Logic)


This one is at the moment not implemented as a choice as this isn’t possible or maybe to complex as a way for multiple Subscriptions need to be implemented in both Google Play as in Apple App Store.
This is not implemented now (not sure if it is not Implemented now by Athom or an issue in one of the two stores.)

It could be that it will only be available from the purchase from the Athom Store like the Homey Pro Backups (12 Months)
But for now you need two accounts to create two Homey’s and separate subscriptions as only the Owner role can add a subscription to a Homey.

That is basically the same information that I got back.
So the technical limitation is due to the method used for subscriptions (Android / Apple Store).

It makes sense from a commercial perspective that one subscription doesn’t cover multiple Homeys.

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It’s perfectly possible to create apps that support multiple subscriptions, both for Android and Apple. So I guess it’s too complex for Athom.

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So I have a brainfart. I also have 2 homeys and 2 locations. I also asked is there an easy way to switch between 2 homey (pro’s in my case)

Now here is the challenge for a developer. Can we get the homey app to switch between homey 1 and homey 2 based on location and/or wifi or something.

I’m looking at becoming a developer so i might try to make this my challenge but if somebody else already has the know how please let me(/us) know!

As far as I know the Homey app doesn’t support a means of externally switching between Homey’s, so that will be very difficult (if not impossible).