Poor dual Homey support

It’s really stupid how a dual Homey support works.
There seems to be no chance of having a second home as a cabin or a yacht…
Home is Home…
I got the Bridge in my yacht, and now I just got the new Homey Pro to use at home. The app calls my boat for Home, and I’m not able to add another “so called home”
Seems like the Homey team has not been thinking far enough here? Or am I wrong? I hope I am…

Did you follow the e-mail you received to the early access page to download the beta mobile app?
The beta app is mandatory (currently) for the new Homey Pro (early 2023).
With that you can add as many Homey (Pro)s to your account as you want.
PS: Homey Pro (early 2023) does support 5GHz WiFi.


You can try to make another account and then send an invitation to the other account. Make sure that you invite yourself as an administrator.

@OceanStroller Administrator is not an Option afaik.
Beside Owner there is a Manager, Resident (fka User) and Guest.

I think it isn’t stupid, but Smart. They (Athom) also uses itr a lot with multiple Homey’s and I have several of all types and switch regularly.

I guess the "ONE Homey (Cloud Service) " to keep the Subscriptions simple but as said,
Feel free to create multiple Owner Accounts if you want multiple subscriptions.

But I have 5 Homey’s as Owner, + one Homey Service (Cloud ) with Subscription, No problem.

I guess So, else I don’t understand your issue…

To get an idea of wat is possible (The NEW Homey Chooser on Top of your Home Screen)

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No… Me (Dumb ass) used the old app :flushed::blush:

Thanks for heads up