Two Homey Bridge in one apartment?

Hello all knowledgeable people! :wink:

Can i use two Homey Bridges in the same apartment and to one Homey account? I have a homey bridge in the bedroom where it controls, among other things, my TV (via IR). But I also have a TV in the living room that I want to be able to control as well. My Homey in the bedroom can’t handle it as there are walls in between the rooms.

Or is there perhaps a simpler and cheaper solution to control that TV (LG) in the living room? :thinking:

Yes and no…

So one per owner,
but if two accounts both create a Homey, add a bridge and invite the other to their personal Homey you are done. You need two subscriptions if both Homeys need that functions.

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Buy this, it’s cheaper than a 2 Homey and it works.


Okay, then I know. Many thanks for the help! :wink: :+1: