Using 2 Homey Pro´s on different locations but with the same account

I´m a happy owner of a Homey Pro at home. We recently bought a summerhouse/vacation house and of course I want to bring in a new/extra Homey for that place to.

Does it work to add this second Homey Pro in the app under the same Homey account/user, so that I can control both locations easily?


Hej Håvard, yes that’s possible

Hi Peter,
That´s great news, and your quick response is apreciated.
I will place the order for my second Homey Pro today:-)


The downside is (imho), to manage them, you’ll have to switch between the 2 Homey’s in the app.
To operate some often used devices you can consider installing the three MQTT apps, Hub & Client on both Homey’s, and Broker on only one of them. That way, devices of Homey-2 can be made available as ‘remote’ devices on Homey-1

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Sweet!, I’ll give it a go:-)

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