The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

But that means that Homey has no connection in the meantime and cannot control or access (WiFi/Cloud) devices. Anyway, let’s hear what they say about it.

If the backup would take an hour sure I would understand your question, but you need to remove the power twice anyway to connect the USB connection to your PC, even with the ethernet adapter connected you will still have a usb connection that you would need to connect to your laptop.
And it probably is in a special mode then anyway, without Homey being fully active.

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That’s correct. When Homey Pro is connected to USB to a PC and you pressed the pinhole, it’s in a special mode to read & write the entire flash storage. It does not start the regular Homey software such as apps etc.


Ah, now I get it. Since the usb serves for power at the same time. Forgot about that for a second. So, it’s more of a once in a while full back-up, which makes Homey unavailable for other tasks during the back-up. Thanks Emile and Caseda.

You charged 25€ for the advanced flows and now you are giving it for free with the new device.
If I would have known, I could have waited a few months and get it for free when buying your newer model…

+1 for migration from your old hub to the new one. I hate to reconnect all my zwave devices, some older ones just don’t pair that easily. I spent 3 full days moving zwave devices to Homey, I don’t want to lose those days again…

+1 for an integrated speaker. They cannot cost that much anymore these days?
Can I use a hammer on the old Homey 2019 model and reuse the speaker on the new one? :smile:


Hi Emile,

Q: I’ve a question about the new Zigbee chip. What is the maximum of zigbee devices and still have a stable network?


Is there a way that Athom can take over abandoned apps? Or develop a new app with the same functionality if they are considered important, or let others do so?
I understand this is a sensitive question perhaps, but a lot of users might trust in these apps.

Since there are a lot of apps still on SDK 2 and Homey Pro 2023 doesn’t support that, very much abandoned (older) apps will stop working. Amongst these some very commonly used apps (thinking of MQTT i.e.) and this could hold back users from upgrading/buying a new Homey Pro 2023.


Will the new Homey Pro 2023 support a dashboard as leaked in the Advanced Flows keynote?

I know Athom isn’t usually very open about new functionality, but since it was leaked then and there (I can hardly believe that it was not intentionally): can an update be given on dashboard functionality?


Will Athom allow (and help) taking over an app from a developer that is no longer active?


Q: Does the new Zigbee chip support firmware updates via OTA (if the devices support this feature)?

Q: Does the new Z-Wave chip support firmware updates via OTA (if the devices support this feature)?

Q: Does the new Z-Wave chip support NWI?


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Please make it possible to use the Homey Pro 2019 as a satellite. This to make this old Homey not a useless piece off junk :frowning:


Quote from the Developer Update e-mail:

Q: How will information from env.json be protected?


Q: How crucial will developer plugins be if Matter is becoming a new support standard?

Context: I am swapping over all my IoT hardware from Alexa to HomeKit since I haven’t been able to really get Homey in the USA. I really really really want the Advanced Flow function. I have some standard items like the Hue and Yale August lock. Though I have some things, like the TP-Link HS300 that I connect to HomeKit with HomeBridge. I see from the Homey Application page that a TP-link app is listed but it doesn’t call out support for HS300. So then I begin to think, what do the apps need to do if in THEORY these system will all fall under the branch of Matter, doesn’t that make the base functions of Homey Pro become the primary controller?

If we still need developers for apps, what is the best course of action us (the users) need to take to ensure we get support?

Stay amazing!

Question 1 ; migration/ backup is that available at launch I hope so because there are a lot of flows and devices

Question 2: is there a way to add a cheap Bluetooth speaker (Bluetooth antenna) and let homey speak to the Bluetooth device
I have a lot of flows that homey is speaking and let me know something (rain, dryer door opened ) it’s so handy ……


Two questions about satellites.on the assumption that they relay signals other than wifi. Not sure if I heard that in keynote

Can an IR signal be broadcast from the satellite locations?

Can an earlier version homey be used as a satellite or could it be considered in the future?

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All the questions here make sense, of course, and are legitimate. However, the more we prioritise, the more likely Athom will respond. From what I have read so far here and in the German forum, there are clear favourites:

  • will the old Homey Pro work as a satellite for the new Homey Pro, or is the old one just rubbish ?

  • is Athom reconsidering its policy with the SDK2 apps and keeping them running on the new Homey as well, unless they are updated ? Is it a fact that SDK2 apps after 1.1.23, will not work on the old Pro either ?

  • Will there be a possibility to import a backup of the old one on the new Pro ?

These unanswered questions are also for me the main reason why I did not order a new Pro. Maybe an admin can order the questions by frequency so that @Emile know what is important to many users.


@Weejewel, on slack you stated it will not be possible to publish 2 app versions in the App Store, one pre-2023 and a 2023- version. You replied the app can check which feature is supported and you’ll probably will add a filter for flow cards.

Q: Will it be possible to publish an app for Homey Pro 2023 that still has

  "permissions": [

in app.json so on pre 2023 speech will keep functioning?

Followup: If not, how can we keep speech working on old Homeys?


First : Support the developper off the top 50 (or more) off the apps (what or used) with a free new homey or a good disscount they earn it

Q 1: migration/ backup should be available at launch. I have a lot of flows and devices at my home. This is a must have before going live

Q 2: Replace back the speaker option, homey is part off the livingroom and make’s a lot off message’s (Door still open, garbage will be collect, use off sun energie, I have done ect)

Q 3: Place ledring back (part off the livingroom) inform energie status (WAF)

Q 4: Local backup posibility online with out downtime, it’s a crime to get your (Zigbee) mesh back again (Homey, router device’s and then your end device’s)

Q 5: a real network port with POE that should not the cost and ask all ready for a long time

Q 6: Will the dashboard funktion all so add to the advancedflow (see key notes with intro advanced flow)

Q 7: what to do with your old homey, maybee use as satellite or use for the ledring/speaker only.

I see a lot off double question’s but, I think once more written down it is better


Q: as well as losing the internal speaker, are you also removing the 3.5mm speaker Jack? Why? Will you support local Bluetooth speaker at least? I use homepod minis around the house. There is no way to use these with homey. I’m obviously not going to add echo or google or Sonos as well just for homey speech

Q: please provide a timeline for release of migration from previous homey pro. It’sa complete non starter until then

I rashly ordered a new pro during the keynote but will be cancelling and waiting at least 6 months now after reading more about it. In its current state it is £400 for a significant downgrade due to no timeline on a migration path (honestly the fact anyone thought that could wait until after launch makes me worry about how much the team understands its users), losing access to many apps I rely on, loss of speaker with no viable replacement and several new features not being available til mid to late next year anyway.

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