[APP][Pro] Homesh Controller & Homesh Satellite - Connect Homey Pro 2023 to Homey Pro for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource

Homesh it is!

Homesh Controller

Homesh Satellite


Is there anyone who can help me create two images for the apps and two icon for the apps?
Something with the new Homey (lookalike) in the middle with the “White Balls” around it, giving sound and led-light.

In the Controllor image, the black on would be larger.
In the Sattelite image, one white one whould be larger.

Anyone who can help with that?
@johan_bendz perhaps?
You image for Universele Media Speler App voor Homey | Homey is so good!

or @basvanderploeg?

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is it possible with this app to run old homey as main unit so you can use sdk2 apps? and everything else missing in the new one?

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Not sure, depends if apps with features not able on the Pro 2023, can still be installed and used if developers have certain rules in place.
But i am not sure if this is or will be supported that way.

But wait, i think a lott of apps will be updated, just wait for it :wink:

A bit late to the party, and not even sure yet to be needing a satellite, but wanted to give you my idea for the name anyway, even if it already seems to have a new name.
I was thinking of “Homies”, as in best mates.

Okay, time for a little showtime:


Homesh Satellite

You install the app and after that you currently get two things.

The App has an When flowcard

A flowcard that you can trigger from the Controller with optional arguments.
Meaning, you can use any apps on the old Homey without the need for me to support it, you can just build flows on the old Homey and have it started at the Controller.

App Settings

In the App Settings you will find your pincode for pairing and your token for authentication between the devices.
The pincode is randomly generated after the app is installed and can be changed to any 4 digit number.
The pincode is used only during pairing and will give the Homesh Controller your token.

The token can be changed also, resulting in the connection with the Controller being lost.

Homesh Controller

Create a Homey (Satellite) Device

After you installed the Satellite App on the other Homey it’s time to connect the two devices.
Create a Homey (satellite) device.

You will get a list of all Homeys in your network (also the Controller itself until i have a second one to develop on).
When you select the homey that you want to control and click next, you get a pincode request:

Here you fill in the pincode set in the Homesh Satellite App Settings and press ok.
If all is well, the device will be added.

Device Settings

Not much, only the language to use for Say (Google):

The 5 (currently) flowcards (Then)

  • Play Soundboard file
  • Play Url (mp3 and wav BIGGER than 900 KB are supported, do not start a song of 20 minutes, you cannot stop it currently :slight_smile: )
    Works great with sending the URL from the Google Services App for Homey
  • Say (Google) will let the Satellite speak, based on a google services (No app required!)
  • Say (Athom) Uses the default speech from athom
  • Start flow with arguments.
    Here you will get a dropdown/selectlist with all flownames you have used in the Satellite.
    Triggering this will trigger the Satellite flow directly.


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I have seen that @basvanderploeg has made some nice icons for the Homewizard app.

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Nice thought and smart also.

To me however it triggers the thought: if I need my old homey for the functionality I need, then why buy the new one…

I will have two decices to maintain, two devices to power, two devices to backup and when the opd homey breaks I will either still need another solution or go hunting for an old homey.

For others probably a great solution, for me its a ney.

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Very beautifully described Marc. :clap:

I understand what you are saying. And if i might not have had a Homey, the new one would have not sold me on it!

However, i am just trying to make the best out of the situation.
As develop, i have been waiting for a long time for a way faster Homey.
And my House is fully dependend on it, so every boost is a big win for me.
Also, it makes developing way faster.

So for me, i feel like i have no real other choice then to adapt to the new situation, but personally i really need the ledring for living-room indicators/notifications.

And the only way i could see, was by building these apps.
Without it, the old Pro would just fade away. Now they at least have a second change.

But, like i said, i do fully understand your point and you raise an excellent question!

Unfortuantly: even with a reason to need my old one, i also “need” the new one if i want to keep supporting all my developed apps.


Gottit !

And what you do on top of the platform is amazing ! If it weren’.t for the community and people like you stuff would be a lot less nice !

Met vriendelijke groet,

Marc Jurriens


I love this community :heart:


I know, but currently, i cannot find what i was looking for.
Except the “old” white balls (can we call them old when the new ones are not produced yet?) :wink:

But lets say i find and buy something new right now, thoses devices will have the same issue in a few year: when the break, it could be that the replacement is a different model or there are no real replacements.

With the constant changing of devices, and old ones going out, i myself try to get the most out of the devices i still have. And since, for reasons already mentioned, i planned on buying a newer homey model when it came out, the old one would be pretty useless, which i would really not like!

Hi there, sure I can. :slight_smile:
Nice app idea btw!

Regarding the images. Do you want any Homey to be able to be a satellite, eg. another Homey Pro 2023, a Bridge or an older homey? Or do you want to keep satellites to old Homeys?

Edit: late on this ball, it’s already underway so I’ll grab a beer and update some SDK2 apps instead :rofl: :rofl:


Hi everybody. Well this was fast, from idea to app in a matter of what a couple of days?

Can I just ask a couple of questions, so in this stage you have two homeys pro, whichever if I understood 2018, 2019, 2023, and on one you install satellite on the second controller app. Those two pair.

However devices added to satellite do not automagically appear in the controller rather you manipulate with devices on the satellite over flows in controller, right?

I was under the impression only pro 23 can be controller

with the “official” Homey 2023 controller it will be like that, and a bridge can be a satellite, as stated in the keynote. In this case it’s a community app that will run on any Homey Pro as a controller (not the bridge) and can connect to any Homey Pro as a satellite. so it’s a bit different, might work in a different way than the “official satellite with the bridge”, but the end results for both will be awesome and create so many new opportunities.

I know this is about Arie’s app😊

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Hey Peter,

I am not making any restriction myself, so no, the Homesh Controller App can be installed on any Homey Pro devices.

However, Homesh Satellite will have abilities that will only work on the "old White Balls"and not the Early 2023.
I don’t know yet if apps can be made in a way that you can install it on 2023 and use it without the non-existing features. If so, the Satellite could be installed on a 2023. If not, then not :wink:


Thanks for explaining Arie. It’s a stunning project!

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