Tado° community app (with geofence & capacity)

Dear Homey pro & tado° owners,

There’s a brand new tado° community app called tadoZones, by @Martin_Verbeek

For those who miss the brilliant tado° Geofence functionality of the Athom app, AND the lately removed Heating Capacity: they are back!

Official app topic is on it’s way

‘When’ flowcards:


(Warmtevraag = Dutch for Heating capacity)

Hi @Peter_Kawa , could you please explain how to add Tado devices through this app? When I’m trying I always get “no new devices have been found”. Thx in advance!

Hi @Mimomaj ,

Were you asked to enter your tado° login at some point? Otherwise the app can’t reach your tado cloud connection.
It found my thermostat and valve knob while adding new devices, so I can’t help you right now. You better send a DM to Martin I’d suggest.

Hi @Peter_Kawa , thank you, I contacted Martin

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I had an earlier version what hadn’t that error. In v1.2.0 you were using, a typo ended up in the code, which prevented the adding of devices.

Fixed in v1.2.2