[SOLVED] Official IKEA Trådfri App crashes?

Since some weeks I have an issue with (probably) the Official IKEA Trådfri App (from Homey).
I have two VINDSTYRKA air quality sensors connected directly to Homey Pro (early 2019), so without IKEA gateway.

This works, but after some time, randomly between 1-3 hours, the readouts of these devices are now shown any more. Instead the red exclamation mark is shown for these two VINDSTYRKA devices.

What helps, temporarily, is to restart the Official IKEA Trådfri App.

I tried to reinstall the app and also removed and re-added the both sensors.

I’m facing the same issue but restarting isn’t working, the app simple crashes.

This is the diagnostic code bb7279f3-63b5-42aa-9650-e7f9a797ff91 just in case Homey devs want to check.

@Joost_P @Diego
If it is an Athom (the Homey company) app, you should write to homey.app/support if you’d like someone to take a look.
This is just a user forum…

The support links are present at the bottom of the app store app page!

Thx @Joost_P

Indeed it’s the official one but I managed to solve by going through each blind advanced > maintenance > repair.

I’ll monitor and Report to dev if it issue pops again.

Thanks Peter, I’ll put the question there!

By the way I raised a ticket already on October 8, but no response at all so far from Homey support… this takes too long.

Good to hear Diego,

Here not the option for “Repair” in advanced device options. Not sure if it’s the devices, rather it seems to be the IKEA app that’s acting up.

Which Homey model do you own?
Pro23 has the ‘repair’ option, Pro19 and earlier doesn’t.
Pro23 how-to:

I own the Pro early 2019, awkward the option is not there. If I remember well it was there before for Zigbee in general. Perhaps not in the IKEA app.

Afaik there never was a software zigbee device repair option @ Homey 2019.
So you’ll have to pair the devices again, do not remove them prior to that.
After an app restart they should be online again.

Hi Peter,

I can bring them back online (or perhaps better said “available”) after I restart the IKEA app.
Then it takes between 30 and 180 minutes mostly before the issues start again.

In the meantime I’m in contact with Homey support. They’re looking into the issue. Will share back here any outcome.

Hi Joost,

An other possible cause, maybe there’s wifi signal(s) interfering? Did you check the wifi 2.4GHz and zigbee channel setting?

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Hi Peter,

I have good news to share! It seems the issue is resolved. I changed the Zigbee channel through the developer interface (Homey Developer Tools) last evening and so far all seems stable!

I looked earlier into overlapping frequencies (at least at the channels), but back then should not have been overlap. I did not check for interference from other APs, eg. from neighbours.

Thanks for raising the possibility for interference, so I looked into it again. :slight_smile:

I’ll mark this as resolved, hopefully other people can benefit from the thread in case they face similar issues.

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Nice to hear! Don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier, while I hint about the interference every now and then :laughing:.