Ikea Vindstyrka times out connecting to 2023 Homey Pro

I am trying to connect the Ikea Vindstyrka air quality monitor to my 2023 Homey Pro. It is the only zigbee device I want to add to my Homey Pro.
When I try to pair it using the Homey iPhone app, I get to the instruction screen to put the Vindstyrka into pairing mode, I do that and eventually the Homey app and the Vindstyrka pairing mode just time out.
I have tried to put the Vindstyrka right next to the Homey Pro with no success.
Does anyone know what the issue is and how I can fix it?

Hello Knguyen,

It should work fine:

First replace the battery, even if it was delivered with a ‘new’ one; try to pair the unit again.

If that makes no difference, continue reading:
When it’s the only zigbee unit, I advice you to reset Homey’s zigbee.
Now, when you want to pair the unit again, make sure to keep it very close to Homey, just few inches/centimeters.

Thanks for the reply.
The Vindstyrka is wired (powered by a usb cable to a power plug) and so batteries are not used.
How do I reset Homey’s Zigbee?

I got it to pair by resetting the Vindstyrka by pressing its pairing button 4 times (I thought I had done that earlier but it hadn’t actually reset the unit). The Homey Pro could then pair with the Vindstyrka

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