Solution to get the price on electricity in homey


Anyone have a solution for getting price of electricity showing in homey?

Tried with an aop called spot prices, but didn’t get a good solution.

Perhaps get some information from nordpool somehow?

Anyone has an idea?

I have no experience with it, but perhaps it’s possible to multiply the kWh with the price/kWh with logic variables? And then display it on a virtual thermostat? That seems one of the few (or only?) devices that can display a value…

In countries more sophisticated than NL it’s quite common for consumers to use spot pricing for electricity, where prices can change every half hour. So you need an app (like the aforementioned Spot Prices) that is able to retrieve the current price.

Ah, didn’t know that, thx for clearifying.

Though we could discuss whether flexible prices are more sophisticated. I’d rather know what I’d sign up for.
But that’s a whole other discussion… :wink:

Nordpool is not for end consumers.
Hafslund eg is a client at Nordpool. So what you see at Nordpool is most likely not what Hafslund will charge you anyways.

That is true that nordpool is not intented straight for end customer use.

But in some contries, for example in Finland, the electric energy selling companies have one solution for pricing that customer pays the nordpool spot price + gross margin for the energy company.

This way the customer is actually paying close to the nordpool price for the energy. This will and is encouraging the consumer to control the loading based on the nordpool spot price.

I have done the load control (water boiler, electric heating and PHEV), and so far the the savings in the electric transmission+taxes+energy have been around 20% yearly compared to fixed pricing. The corona have added also the savings because the energy price have been quite low during this time.

I’m using the @balmli nordpool app, which can be installed with CLI method. Hopefully this app will come available to community app store or the official app store some day. It is also possible to use Heating Controller app to get the nordpool spot pricing.

But like @robertklep said, if there are no appropriate mechanisms for the electric (energy) pricing in NL, there is no use of control the loading.

Is there some electric energy marketplace in NL or how the pricing of the electric energy (and trasmission) is made?

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In NL, consumers typically have a contract with a single provider for electricity and gas (you can have separate providers for both, but that’s usually much more expensive). A contract has a fixed price per kWh/m3 for a certain amount of time. The minimum amount of time is 6 months (so the prices can change twice a year), but most consumers opt for a longer period of fixed rates.

The only possibility for being “smart” is to choose for a so-called double tariff, where you have high and low electricity rates during fixed hours of the day (in most parts of the country the low tariff is active between 23:00 and 07:00 on weekdays, and in weekends and national holidays).

OK interesting. In Finland the electric transmission is with fixed pricing or with “double tariff” and can be taken only from one “local” company that is doing the distribution in the area.

The electric energy market is open market (opened 1995 and 1998 for “normal” consumers) and consumer can choose the energy supplier. The tariff can be either fixed, double tariff or spot prices (there are some other options too but these are the basic options)

Gas is not widely used in households in Finland.

But to answer @CB83 original question, one can use the apps I mentioned before to get the spot price if needed.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that this is the same in NL as well: one local company for the physical delivery that you cannot choose, and a separate energy supplier that you can choose. We don’t deal with the local company at all, just the supplier (who will invoice on behalf of the local company).

Basic tariff options here are fixed (for a specific amount of time) or variable (rates change twice a year). You can choose for a double (“day/night”) tariff with both. No spot pricing as far as I know.

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I live in Norway, and the cost are the same as Nordpool, but with a little extra to the company.

Either way the price are fluctuating with Nordpool anf with the price in Homey it would be easy to put up scenarios with heating and so on.

I know spot price app can control it, but then i dont see the actual price or if it’s working as it should. Unless there is something i missed?

Don’t know if the spot prices app work, never used it but the nordpool app shows the price in the device and it is usable as a tag in any calculation

Thanks. Will install this :ok_hand:

Do you use it in some flows?

Yes, plenty of them. I have written some in the experience post.

Power By the Hour now supports Day-Ahead 1 hour electricity pricing for all providers in EU.