[APP][Pro] Dynamic energy prices

Hi everyone,

I created my first app to provide trigger cards and tags for the current energy prices. This is meant for the Dutch dynamic energy market for providers like EnergyZero, ANWB Energy, Tibber, etc. The app uses the public API from EnergyZero.nl and will attempt to renew the prices twice a day.

Use cases

  • The price has dropped below a certain threshold, start charging your car.
  • Your solar panels are providing more energy than you are currently consuming while the hourly energy price is negative, lets starts some energy consumers.
  • The price is so negative, consuming energy is lucrative. Turn on all devices

Currently I decided to notify the user every hour the price changes and a certain trigger cards matches. For example if you selected the Price LT trigger card and set a price for 0, every hour the price is below 0 it will trigger but only if the price differs from previous hour. So if the the price is -0.02 and the next hour the price is -0.02 it will not trigger. Not sure if this is the desired way.

Feel free to test it, can be installed at GitHub - Visualq/nl.visualq.energy: Homey Dynamic Energy app

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Can i be curious what the difference is with the function of power by the hour’s dynamic price?


I don’t think I quite understand what you’re asking?

With the app Power by the Hour you can also add a device (“day ahead E prices” & “day ahead gas prices”) that retrieves (and displays) the current (today) and tomorrow energy prices of pretty much all Europeaan energy companies.
That then either can send it to any summarizer devices you have of the same app, or trigger flows when new prices have come in, twice a day.

So the question was, what would this app provide more over what the Power by the Hour app already could.


Ahh I get it, I completely missed that app. I’ll check it out, probably I made this app for nothing.

edit: That app is so much better!


Not really, if you are able to create such app, you can check out Homey Pro Community App Requests for some others opportunities or for example pickup some un-maintained one from [Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list ;-))