Smart plugs and electricity cost in €


I’m using a Tapo smart plug. Within the Tapo mobile app, I can set the electricity price (day price and night price), which is very convenient as it gives me the exact daily electricity cost in €. Is there the possibility to do something similar with Homey Pro? (i.e., a view with the electricity cost in euros per plug, per room, or in total?)



Something like [APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year ?


Yes, thanks!

Actually, it looks like TAPO is not supported - there’s no app for that. Strange. There are quite a lot of brands not supported apparently :-/

Hmmm better turn it around. It’s smarter to buy stuff Homey supports. Just check the Homey app store.

With Matter on the rise, hopefully apps aren’t needed anymore for common basic capabilities.

I think no smart home hub can add support for each and every existing brand, and all new brands popping up.
Add a Home Assistant setup I’d say, to have most flexibility. Together with Homey, it’s all I need.


Just a heads-up, an official Tapo integration is on our roadmap. We had some trouble receiving API access from TP-Link and the API still is a bit iffy… But we are receiving samples of the Tapo products to get the integration up-and-running :raised_hands:


@Doekse - Great news!

@Doekse Is Sonoff compatibility on your roadmap as well? This brand is becoming hugely popular. Thanks