Smpl mini display: battery powered e-ink display made for Homey

Is there a price known already?

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Hi Koen.
The final price will be communicated as part of the launch/pre-order. Very soon.
It’s a brand new category. Exclusively for Homey. And we have a worldwide shortage on components, especially chips. But I believe we have managed well. I am sure you will not be disappointed :wink:
We are not Aqara, Shelly or IKEA. On the other hand, they would never develop such a deep integration with Homey.

Hi @Nitramevo
(Congrats on the launch!)

You have sourced materials for the first 1K units.
Q: For those who are pre ordering past this 1K. What delivery very times can we hope for?


I have no creditcard so unfortunately not an option for me.

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Thx. It’s very exciting.
Pre-order will close and/or a message will be published, when the first 1,000 units are ordered. The specific order-number is not directly equivalent with number of orders :wink:

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Sorry about that.

I wanted this device also.
But I’ve seen the video and the slowness of the screen that I will wait for user reviews.
Also want to see more examples to use this device for

That will be €1250 sir

No shipping in Switzerland?! :frowning:

Not for the moment, no shipping in Switzerland unfortunately…

125,- € is quite a high price. Ok, you are a small company, but plus 12,50 shipping? It´s delivered by taxi?
I think I´ll wait for the first reviews if its really worth that.
Sorry, nice project, but the pricing (shipping) seems to heavy.


Thx for your interest.
The partial update of the screen (e.g. updating a temperature or other value) is instant. Only full refresh takes a couple of seconds. This happens once in a while (every 10min or less) to avoid ‘shadows’. Or when you push an entirely new display layout.
We will make a new updated video soon to show more features and use-cases.

Sorry for that.
We have focused on EU countries at launch due to less complex set-up (VAT, shipping etc.). Except for Norway, which is a very big Homey country.
Schwitzerland is on the map for the future, if we are successful.

We also support Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Hey Martin and team. Among all negativity here I just want to say congrats on the launch and thank you for seeing an opportunity and actually doing something about it. I’ve long wanted a dashboard but I don’t want to mount a tablet with power supply. This device looks perfect for me. I’ve preordered two and can’t wait to test them out. Keep up the good work!


Yes I have Apple Pay but a “normal” card is not accepted. So it still has to be a creditcard connected to Apple Pay.

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The smpl mini display is in production! Now open for pre-order

The first wireless, battery-powered, customizable smart home display exclusively for Homey Pro.

Put it anywhere and design your own display layouts to show the data you need. Any useful sensor value or relevant device status. A perfect companion for popular Homey apps. Create your own:

Created with love in Denmark :denmark:
Developed with passion in Ukraine :ukraine:
Integrated with care in the Netherlands :netherlands:


Congratulations on this milestone Martin!
Nice job by you and your team!


Is it possible to buy for my company with VAT EU number (VAT 0%)?

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Unfortunately no. We are currently only set-up selling to private customers.