Small, simple screen that can be controlled by homey

I am looking for a small screen that I can control trough homey flows.

Purpose? Show a weather icon and calendar items in de morning. Energy usage and production and such. And in the evening the status of various sensors. Etc.

Is there such a screen? I am not really looking for an iPad. It uses more energy and has a cable on the side which isn’t very pretty.

Have you searched the community?

I did. The eInk dashboard is to standard and honestly I thought it wasn’t maintained anymore.

I will look into the eInk small screen. Although, it is quite small as I scroll by.

With this you could set an Android device to show a certain website with a flow. I used it in combination with a Google sheet that was updated through a Google forms post link

Thanks. But how do I create a site that contains information from within Homey, like sensor data and such?

This app could help. You can create graphs on a Google sheet from your homey data with flows and then publish to html.