[APP][Pro] smpl products - Battery powered e-ink display

smpl products, It’s that simple.

The smpl product app visualize data from smart homes via physical displays and other devices.


This is the app for the new smpl mini display. A battery powered e-ink display to display data for Homey.

The device and the app are still in development, but you can already download and try a beta test-version of the app to better understand the functionality of this new unique display device developed exclusively for Homey. You can add a demo device to create scenario’s for the display that you want to try. The data is shown as sensor data in the device details.

Please provide your feedback in this topic. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

How to use the device

Use the app’s settings to configure a display layout and assign 1 to 4 sensor templates from devices connected to your Homey. You can create flows that set the display layout to the smpl mini display device based on your own logic. The battery life can be increased by pause/resume the update sequence.

You can now visualize data from Homey to Smpl displays. It’s that simple.

Reporting issues

Do you have a bug report or a feature request. Post it in this topic or create directly at github


Q1 Where can I buy the smpl mini display?

  • The device is still in development.

Q2 What does the device cost?

  • The retail price is not set yet.

Q3 What is the maximum refresh rate of the device?

  • In order to be very efficient with the energy, the refresh rate is maximum once per minute. The battery life can be increased by pause/resume the device thought flowcards.


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Sounds great! Curious about the app, but the link doesn’t work (yet?) unfortunately. It gives a 404 error.

Did the 3-color display make it in the final version?


No, the 3-color display didn’t make it due to bad performance of the refresh.
The link to the app is correct, I have asked Athom why the app isn’t available.


Guess it isn’t approved by Athom yet or you didn’t publish the first version. Until then you see it but in an anonymous browser you can see if it is publicly available for others


Installed and tested the app and I have to say. This is very promising. Great, user friendly setup.
Way better UI than most apps.
I understood the functionality immediately.

Design of the product itself looks simple and streamlined. Should fit into most homes and rooms.


As long as the price is fair, I predict these will sell in high numbers.
Can’t wait :grin:


This looks very promising! The app looks great!!


Looks great. I would like to make a review of it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the compliment, we also worked hard to meet the standards.

I just release the latest build to test:

v1.0.17 - 24-02-2022

  • bump version because of failed build in appstore

Question after a bit of testing.
I can easily ad data from my devices, but it seems not possible to ad data from logic.
Am I missing something?

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Selecting data from Homey logic is currently in development. We will announce when this is ready.


Great. I guess it could be solved using virtual devices, but would be nice not to have to fill up homey with devices that are basicly just containers for a value.


Will the device be able to be shipped to all EU countries?


Looks very nice!


Yes. That is definitely the plan.


60 minutes and one hour is the same :wink:

Other than that: great app and great looking and user friendly app!


Good find! Thanks for doing quality acceptance. I’ll add it to the issue list.

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The app is just great! Simple! Looking forward to test it!

As soon as the first version is shipped, develop one that is muuuuuch larger! IPad size at least.

A display with touch to run flows from! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have experienced one crash (Black screen) on m iPhone 11 when i was in the smpl app configurations

I don’t see the names for each sensor template, only a default “sensor template [1-4]. And there is no icons as well

Will it make sense to have a flow card to “force” an instant Update? For instance, I don’t need the display to update window/door sensor nor motion sensor unless they change.

Or maybe it could be a feature in the display configuration for each Sensor template

Also it might be nice to have a flow card for which display layout are shown in the display. It would make it easier to toggle between layouts. A workaround is to use a variable to handle it so not a big issue


Bigger and touch means more power, which will decrease battery life considerably (too much?!).
The smpl mini display is not meant to be a dashboard. This is a different use-case, although also very relevant and interesting.