Inspiration for display layouts and sensor templates for the smpl mini display

This topic is only meant for sharing display layout and sensor template ideas as well as flows for utilizing the smpl mini display

Thanks for sharing!


Using it on the fridge, showing

current house power draw (negative when solar panels produce

Current pool temperature

Total power cost current day

Current electricity spot price



At my house we have a electric gate and we dont have any window that we directly can see if the gate is open or closed. With my smpl display i can now easy see what state its in. And now when the electric bills are so high i also can get a glance of what we are using right now and if my car is charging or not.

This little device made my and my wifes life so much easyer!



Just to complete this topic some pictures from the OpenWeather thread (linked above):

  1. A weather version showing current weather data and rain prediction (a day withoput weather warnings):

  2. A second screen that is displayd via flow if weather warnings are present:

  3. My current screen showing
    -current energy usage
    -current solar production
    -battery charge


Most of the days, SMPL displays power usage, solar panels, gas usage and outside temperature.

On days prior to garbage collection, at 17:00hrs, the outside temperature is replaced with a garbage-type specific warning, to place the garbage container at the curb side. At 10:00 the next morning it changes back to outside temp. again.



My most import usage of the SMPL display is for showing the actual return supply of my solar panels. Show here as -3751 W which is already without the usage in house, so all power that is suplied back to the grid. Even my wife finds it a nice figure to know, so we can use the washing machine or dryer at the right moment so we can use as much power ourselfs.

Other vallues are the date, outside temperature and sun down time.

The SMPL display is on a prominent place in the living room and very near my Athom Homey.

I’m very happy with the SMPL display, it works perfectly. If I would need to recommend a future product; that would be a bigger display with more space for optional values.



Like others on this forum, I use #mysmpldisplay to display the momentary energy consumption, together with outside and inside temperature (from weather station and living room thermostat respectively).

The last field is a string variable that shows the electricity (kWh), gas (m3) and water usage (ltr) since midnight. The numbers are formatted with HomeyScript to limit significance.

When the net power consumption is negative, a solar icon appears. It was somewhat cloudy during the time of the picture.

When the car is charging (11 kW), a battery icon appears. Note that the sun was shining during the charging session so I can drive a bit on green energy. The electricity delivered to the car is subtracted from the daily usage to monitor the electricity that was delivered to the grid (when not charging the car).

The Simpl mini display is on the dining table that has my working-from-home spot in the other corner. So I can just grab it wherever I am sitting at that moment. Display refresh is paused and resumed based on several smart triggers to save battery life.


Hey everyone. Here’s my contribution for #mysmpldisplay.

I use two displays mounted next to each other in vertical format. One shows the status of my solar energy installation. During daytime it’ll show status of the battery, the current power produced and the total yield aggregated during the day, as well as the electricity price. After sunset it will instead focus on battery status, forward-looking electricity price and current consumption.

The other display is a weather focused one, showing the temperature, wind speed and current rain volume from my weather station, as well as amount of expected rain at my location within the next 8 hours.


And here is my usage of the #mysmpldisplay

Next to the door to the hallway the display is fixed to the wall. When entering the living room and walking to the kitchen, in the morning the display tells me how much power has been used in the night, the outside temperature, if there was any rain and if my plants are thirsty.

In the evening the setup changes and shows me how much the solar panels generated, if I used more or less power than what was generated, outside and inside temperature.

Really love the display!



Nothing fancy :slight_smile:

Just telling us when to start dishwashers and washingmachine
Also showing the actual temperature from a Shelly device with a outside temp. probe.

My wife really likes it :slight_smile:


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We are using one to show if our cats are inside or outside the house because sometimes we keep looking. :joy:


I created two alternating screens, refreshing every 5 minutes. To conserve battery life, the display stops refreshing at night (the last display layout refreshed at 23:55 hrs, is a separate daily energy overview layout that is visible all night) and when all household members are away.


HERE is my use case

I’m a boat owner with a small sailboat in the nearby harbor. It is quite important to adjust your mooring lines when the sea level raises in the harbor. I have therefore built a small flow which displays the sea level, when the level is above 80cm. When the water level reaches more than 115 cm the bridges are flooded and it becomes impossible getting on the boat. The display also shows winds speed from the weather station on the harbor.

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I have a few but this is my latest project. Reading out the insane fuel prices of the closest stations.

And showing the number of traffic jams with the total length.

And a simple weather update.

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hi zigvespa, are you able to share the corresponding flows. I am uncertain how to - in the best possible way - achieve the swapping and refreshing of the two layouts. I understand there is a refresh interval in the app settings but assume you use flows to achieve this, correct?
I furthermore assume you switch updating on and off using flows based on a time condition, correct?
thanks for your help!

@KaiF Apologies for the late reply.
Here’s how I alternate between two screens in daytime. During the weekend I alternate every 2.5 minutes; during weekdays every 5 minutes.