[APP][Pro] Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app

Hi Peter,

Thx for your reply and example, but I have from the beginning of homey already a simple flow that wil alert me when a battery is in low condition and also notest that core homey has also a feature for that in the timeline.

But miflora sensors are not always broadcasting the right value in my experience, so the feature i like to have is in the above post :wink:

Well, not sure what the difference is. A battery level is a battery level :wink:

Problem with the ‘card error’ is, it is a sending device, not a receiving one. So an empty battery or lost connection doesn’t ‘error’ a card, Homey doesn’t know if it’s offline, and the last known value is just the actual value.

With f.i. zigbee sensors it’s a similar situation. When they lose connection (but not actually left network) to Homey, it’s nothing more then a sensor which doesn’t update anymore, and “nothing’s wrong”.

For those ‘silenced’ devices, I have a flow which checks the last reported status every x hrs

Hi Peter,

That could be an option to try, but find also a simple alternative in the app I did’t noticed before. But for some reason don’t get it working. The Timeout card and sync all sensors card.
Schermafbeelding 2022-10-10 om 16.36.23

Setting the app on 5 minutes interval to test the timeout card doesn’t trigger a reaction. Having some sensors with died battery so I should get an timeout error I assume. Official app gives a timeout when trying to reach it.

It there something I’m doing wrong?

That would be a nice feature! I’ll look into that.

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I didn’t see that one either, will try some tests with it.

I have worked on the smpl Homey App and integrate the smpl mini display. A project @Nitramevo started to create smart e-ink displays for Homey that can show all dynamic data from Homey (see the topic here)

Here are some display layouts I use in combination with the display:

Plant status:

Greenhouse information:


Does it work with those huahuacaocao devices? You actually never know if its the xiaomi, vegtrug or that one when you order. It reports on my phone in BT as “Flower care” but homey does not find it. If it matters, I already have one that is monitored by homey

I think all devices have the same source and should be compatible.

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I confirm, it does work with that one, just checked

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Good evening

This App is able to work with the sensors:

  • WANFEI Flower Care Soil Tester
  • B BestCon 4

Thank you

Hi, I’ve installed this app on a HP23,

As part of that I added a new device (straight from the box) as well as re-added an existing device from my current homey.

The existing device continues to be updated in the old homey and has not updated at all on the new homey since it was added (perhaps to be expected)

But also the brand new device added fine to the HP23, but has not updated its values since it’s i initial pairing.

Is this something that your aware of, or do you think is an isolated case?


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Dunno if this helps, Jamie, but here’s a similar post about migrated (to Homey 23) unkown BLE devices:

Screenshot from 2023-03-08 01-06-44


Adding a sensor to hp2023 does not work. I can add the sensor in the mi flora app. I removed the sensor in the app and removed the battery to reboot the sensor. Any tips

EDIT: Maybe this fw update works for you @wesley_w @Jamie

Seems you are not alone, definitely report Ble issue to Athom I would say.

With the RC56 its working for me :slight_smile:

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No luck for me at the moment… any tips? On rc57

Try again and again. the discover is quite messy still.

I replaced the Battery after that it came alive.

Tried 8 times 9th time was the Lucky one.

Pairing is still a pain (but eventually works), but yes the latest firmware seems to have fixed the problem :tada:

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