Xiaomi Mi Flora sensor not getting all sensor values


I have a problem with my Xiaomi Mi Flora sensor.

My Xiaomi Mi Flora sensor should send sensor values every 5 minutes to Homey. But I only get some of the values every 5 minutes. It can take hours and sometimes even days to get moisture value reading.

Can somebody help me?

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There is a Topic for that App like mentioned in the AppStore info:

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Also, do realize the moisture can be of the same level for hours. When other sensors do report more regularly, I think all’s fine.
Did you try to hold the sensor in a glass of water? How long did it take for the moisture value to be updated?

Almost the same problem here, all values stuck for 3 days now. all sensor within 10 Mtrs

My Homey Bluetooth has a range of 4.5mtrs max…

That would explain it