Smpl mini display: battery powered e-ink display made for Homey

The display is ‘dumb’. It will show what you push from Homey. We have developed a great Homey app, which will give you a lot of freedom and creativity in pushing data to the display via flows.

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okay, a minute is a bit long to switch between for example 2 pages for 2 rooms (with 4 measurements), but I understand your considerations
Would it be an option to have the option to set a bit faster updates when combined with a flow that detects you in the room, i.e. when nobody there, turn the device almost off (you describe some possibilities there so that’s really nice)
However, I think it would not really be a battery lifetime issue if f.e. I have a device like this in the bedroom, combined with something like IR-motion sensor, and the sensor only updates faster (every 10sec) when there is movement in the room? It would be in sleepmode for most of the day
A minute is really long if you just want to view what’s on page 2 (or 3)
I understand you have to take into account more usecases then only this :wink: but if there’s a option to set updates (maybe with a certain minimum, f.e. 10sec) it’s up to the user to finetune battrylife against the usecase


Please follow the new app’s topic:

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I understand your use-case. And perhaps we can fix it at some point. Unfortunately it is not only a matter of battery lifetime. The nature of zigbee and device sleepmode is also a factor. The standard implementation is a device (e.g. a sensor) which reports data to the hub. A display is the other way around. Data from the hub to the device. And when it is not in sleepmode, which is set on the device. Se, we have had to do some workarounds :nerd_face:

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I understand (y)

So your faking the device to be a sensor :wink:

From what I understand from you earlier response it’s also not possible to switch the screen from homey every (less than a minute) correct? That’s a real drawback, t.b.h. the only usecase for me would be to monitor certain area’s (rooms, spec devices, devicetypes) but to make that work a minute to switch between pages and no options to speed that up would be too long.

Just a thought: download the data, update it at the zigbee tempo, but scroll the pages faster; display “disconnected” from the slow dataupdates. The data always lags behind a bit - it does that anyway - but the readout could be faster.

Maybe you already tried that :wink:

I’ll just see what you guys come up with, the device looks really good and the app also already :slight_smile:

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SIGN UP IS READY :white_check_mark:

We have just launched our product web page including sign up, so you can be among the first to know, when the smpl mini display is ready to order:

Some delay due to the war in Ukraine

It has taken a bit longer than anticipated to build the device. The smpl mini display is developed by the Danish tech start-up Martins Tech Garage who has assembled a team of European specialists; EKTOS/TECHTO and KOKTAIL.

Our awesome hardware team is situated in Ukraine. The development division was originally placed in Kharkiv, which is situated in the Eastern part of the country only 30 km from the Russian boarder. Kharkiv is one of the cities in Ukraine that has been under constant bombardments from the Russian forces since the start of the invasion. Our test set-up and earliest prototypes was lost and is being re-built in the manufacturing site which is placed in Ivano-Frankivsk in the Western part of Ukraine – far from the front line.

It is very important for Ukraine to keep business running. EKTOS/TECHTO is already back at 90% capacity after successfully moving their development division, equipment and team members including families from East to West. And some women and children to the head quarter in Denmark. The management at EKTOS/TECHTO has handled the situation absolutely fantastic and the team members has shown super-human strength dealing with the terrible actions against their country.

Slava Ukraini :ukraine:


Why don’t you use a rechargeable battery?


We have disregarded from a rechargeable battery in this first version for different reasons. Mostly to reduce cost, which also includes the cost and efforts in certification. With no wires attached to the device, it is easier to make sure the device can pass the tests for certification (e.g. CE). Making the device rechargeable also increases the hardware complexity, which has an impact on cost and availability (e.g. components) as well as constraints on enclosure design (e.g. thickness). It is also extremely important that we can ‘control’ the battery lifetime to make sure it can deliver our basic requirements (3-6 months @ minute-by-minute updating).


Thx for explaining.


Actually, I wanted to buy two more LaMetric to be informed in all my rooms.
But since I don’t really need the complexity of the LaMetric clock everywhere, this display could be an alternative. I will wait.


An inbuild NFC reader would be a usable feature :slight_smile:

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I am thrilled to share that we have finalized electronics including EMC testing etc. to pass CE marking. After several prototype iterations, the final mechanical as well as enclosure design is ready and plastic molds are in production. All components for the first production batch are secured (ordered/delivered).

We are currently doing extensive testing on fully functional prototypes:

  • Final enclosure prototype
  • Firmware release 1.1 (next release in week 29)
  • Homey app test version 1.1.7

What is currently working?

After installing the smpl app, the on-screen and in-app pairing instructions easily connects the display to Homey which then awaits the first data instructions. Then, creating a display layout in the smpl app and a flow to push the layout to the desired display, will start the data push. All sensor templates are now updated once per minute, if data has changed, as a standard.

Pushing the back-button on the display once, will change orientation (portrait/landscape), twice will change the theme (positive/negative) and three times will show a service screen with battery status and release numbers etc. A long press will pair/un-pair the device.

Currently there are 50 different icons to choose from. And three different data types (numeric, boolean and enum/text). The app supports data from Homey device capabilities (sensor values from your installed devices) as well as Homey logic variables (your own list). The device capabilities screen of the display in Homey will show the current display layout including icons and live data of the selected sensor templates. Battery level is also included in Homey. A trend indicator and a recent update indicator has also been implemented as on-screen graphics. The trend indicator will show a small up or down arrow for numeric values. And the recent update indicator will show a small dot to indicate if the data has been updated since last update cycle.

What is next?

Everything now works as intended. And production planning is in process. Scheduled production is August/September.

Further firmware and app development before production includes e.g.:

  • Optimizing power consumption (beyond 1-3 months battery lifetime with dynamic update frequency)
  • Optimizing connectivity (further improve pairing process and stability)
  • Adding more icons within memory limitations (for more use-cases)
  • Optimizing on-screen design and graphics (aesthetics)
  • Optimizing Homey app performance

Remember that you can test the app and a virtual display already now by installing the most recent release of the smpl app in the Homey app store: smpl App til Homey | Homey.

And use our signup page on to be notified when our shop opens.



So this one, when it comes out, I take a pack of 10 :wink:


same here!


for me it strongly depends on the price :D. but it looks very nice

Hey @Nitramevo!

Any updates on how the project is going? Could we expect to be able to purchase a product soon?


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Thx for your interest @bardbasberg
We are almost on schedule. No major issues with the product, on the contrary, only sourcing and logistics.
Please have a little more patience. We are getting very close now.
Launch and Pre-order being communicated first to sign-ups.