Secuyou Smart Lock app

Hi Helge,

try to remove the condition (AND). Then it will work.

We have just testet it and it works.

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Secuyou Support

Sent the report

But leaving it alone for a while seems to do the trick.

Did nothing and now it works good

With @Byelektrikeren posts I got it working with other flows as well

I am relatively new to homey but have now a couple of sensors, locks. Starting to understand the whole concept more or less. Just bought 4 pcs of SecuYou smart locks and have problem to get them to work with homey. No issue while adding them…I think…since you do not get a confirmation and you do not need to put lock in pairing mode. I can find my lock, renamed, in homey. Homey gives push notifications as a test flow but nothing happens to lock. Approx 1m or less between lock and homey. Everything including lock and homey is updated to newest firmware. I have read the other threads. Restart, wait. It seems to be very unstable/buggy. The lock seems to work fine with SecuYou app.

Any suggestions to solve this problem?
I have tried all the basic wait, restart, wait etc. of course no battery issue or range issue.

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Any solution or tricks?

Please, Anders, able to help here or have I bought bad hardware?