Best inexpensive homey pro smart door lock

Hi gents,

I am looking for your help and opinion on the best smart lock for the Netherlands that I can buy, but not expensive. Needs to be supported by Homey pro officially, and it needs to be able to remotely open the door, without the need for a bridge. If I can use the Apple Watch to unlock it would be perfect. Want to see if I can get a good price during Black Friday.
Thanks in advance for all your suggestions/opinions.


I don’t live in the Netherlands and therefore don’t know which Smart Locks are available there.
But because you don’t want a bridge, the options are probably very limited. So it has to be a smart lock that communicates directly with Homey, e.g. via Z-Wave, Zigbee or MQTT. I don’t know whether it’s possible via Bluetooth.
– Danalock V3 (Z-Wave or Zigbee)
– Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro (MQTT)

Maybe other users will respond and recommend a Smart Lock, but I recommend that you inform yourself, after all it’s a security-relevant device.

I want to share here a few replies I got from Nuki since they recentely introduced the Nuki Generation 4!
So I have asked if Nuki Gen 4 is compatible with WIFI 6/WPA 3 and if will support NFC?
Official Answer:
Unfortunately, Nuki will not support the Wifi 6 /WPA 3. The 4th Generation Nuki will `provide Bluetooth 4 and higher + Thread connectivity.
And the Nuki 4th Generation Pro will provide Bluetooth 4 and higher, WiFi (IEEE802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)) and Thread.
Thread supports more powerful encryption and authentication mechanisms than WiFI, which makes it robust against unauthorized access. It uses AES-128 encryption.
There are no plans at the moment to include NFC support to the Nuki 4th generation Smart Locks

Will Nuki Gen 4 support Homey Pro 2023?

Official Answer:
The Smart Lock pro 4th Generation is compatible with Homey Pro as both supports matter.

Please take into account that Homey Pro will not support thread until Q4 2024.

Matter enables to control securely the smart home devices across different platforms and independently of their manufacturer. This open-source standard was developed by the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA). Since the beginning of 2022, Nuki has been a part of the CSA (together with more than 600 other companies in the Smart Home sector, including major players like Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.) and is actively involved in the development of Matter; whose goal is to prioritize wide compatibility between various systems.
To support Matter, there are two direct connection technologies that smart home devices can utilize: Wi-Fi and Thread. Nuki communicates via Thread, ensuring a fast and reliable smart home experience.

Thread is a technology specifically designed for smart home applications to better connect devices with each other. This means that smart home devices can now communicate not only via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but also through Thread. The difference is that Thread establishes a mesh network. Various smart home devices can communicate with each other within this network. If one device goes offline, data packets will find an alternative route through another device. The larger the number of connected devices within the network, the more reliable and stable it is. If one node fails, another can step in to maintain stability.

Strange that they mention Bluetooth 4, personally I think it’s a mistake… so I have replied to them to ask them if it’s really v4 or 5.3.
I am really in between Nuki Gen 4 pro and Loqed.

Right now, Homey doesn’t support locks over Matter.

Thanks for replying. Interesting how they make this statement then…

Nuki ‘officials’ don’t know the details appearantly.
Matter @ Pro 2023 is in beta and only some device types are supported atm.

Just some feedback: I have acquired the Nuki Smart Lock Pro 4 (Matter)
It works fantastic with Homey via Web API, in addition, I have that also working with Siri.

Update: For all interested users here, the Nuki Pro 4.0 is now working 100% via Matter with Homey Pro 2023! No App needed as the functionality is being pushed to Homey. Installation via the homey Matter setup.
You need to allow the beta firmware releases, or wait till the oficial version comes out.


You are saying it is communicating via Thread then?

Are you sure? I’m trying to add my Nuki 4.0 pro but in the end of the installation process I receive this message:

I guess still isn’t thread. There is still wifi

I’ve had problems too. It doesn’t work right away. Try several times. And in homey app: try connect via Android

Sorry to reply only now, I have been busy. You need first to enable beta updates on you homey pro, then wait until the last update is being installed and after that you can install the nuki 4 pro via native matter protocol. Matter works with broader router and thread, for now WiFi is the only option.

It seems that I have Thread…. On homey pro

Thanks, after installation of the experimental update (v10.3) it works!

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From the nuki website:

" * Remote access without Bridge will be made available to you as a firmware update in 2024. This will require a compatible hub. You can get your hands on your brand new Smart Lock right now. We will inform you as soon as the update is available."

" Remote Access via Thread will be supported in 2024. To access your Smart Lock remotely, you don’t need either the Nuki Bridge or the built-in Wi-Fi module anymore. Through Thread, you can control …"

Turn off Wifi in nuki app. Does it still work? Have you remote access?

@RudolfT, I don’t know if I understand your posts/doubts exactly, so please excuse me if I have misunderstood you.

Here are some info about Matter, Thread, Nuki and Homey Pro (early 2023)

The Homey Pro (early 2023) is a Thread Border Router which uses WiFi:

Since firmware v10.3.0, Homey Pro (Early 2023) is a Thread Border Router.

The Nuki 4.0 Pro smart lock uses Matter via Thread:


Since firmware v10.3.0-rc.7 for Homey Pro (early 2023) Smart Locks are supported via Matter:


So why do you doubt @Paulo_Dias statement?

You’ve misunderstood something, Or I expressed myself incorrectly.
The only question was, use nuki now matter over thread or matter over wifi at times? Because @Daniel_Wolf ask about that.I knew it was supposed to work later matter over thread.

Nuki himself writes that Thread will work via firmware early 2024. But I’ve tried it now and I’ve turned off wifi. Seems to work.

I didn’t want to discuss about Homey Thread or matter. Or if you can add nuki over matter to homey, yes you can. This was not the question.

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The strange think is that none of the Nuki Smart Lock 4 firmware release notes mentions that Thread is now enabled. The latest firmware release listed on the Nuki support web page is 4.0.37. Would you mind RudolfT to tell us what’s the firmware release installed on your Smart Lock?