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This app is only available for users that do not reside in the USA & Canada. Check out the Yale Access app in case you are!


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Supported devices

  • Cabinet Lock
  • Garage Door or Gate Opener
  • Lock
  • Safe

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Yale Home - Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone know if any apps support this lock? I don’t have an alarm company, so I need to control it through Yale’s wifi hub. All the apps I could find were either for other locks, or they needed to work through the alarm company.


Yale have their own app that works fine with the L3/L3S :+1:

Hi all,

Since some days Yale change the iPhone app from Yale access to Yale home
Now the homey Yale app don’t found the lock longer.
Some of you have the same problem?


There is a new app for homey also! Yale Home App för Homey | Homey

With the new app the locks works again.

Found it!
Must change to the Yale home app in the homey App Store

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Is the status icon on Yale Linus Lock (Yale Home app) correct when door are locked? Padlock is open… on google play services first screen I saw it is closed. Someone could confirm that?

Not correct, not even configurable (yet?).

Thx, I assume that You have the same situation?

I have noticed same issue, status icon is incorrect.


thank You. I was thinking it is only in my homey.

Best regards

FWIW, I see the same (incorrect) logo on my Yale lock widget (different app). The logo shown by device details is correct.


Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the triggers “Lock - Locked” and “Lock - Locked Securely” in Yale Home App?

When little slide nob on the lock itself is switched the lock will suggest using keyless tag to activate secure lock, and lock will not be able to open from inside. (None should be home)

But Yale Home has a bug here, and will not report to Homey secure lock status unfortunately. Bug reported already last year.

Workaround is to open also regular Yale Home app (not in Homey) to trigger some webhook, and Homey should get the update.

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Hello, I installed a Yale Linus door lock and a WIFI bridge. This setup is working correctly from the Yale app on my mobile phone. I connected the lock in Homey with the Yale Home app. Opening and closing commands are working, but the actual lock state (open, unlocked or locked) is not returned correctly to Homey. The actual lock state is only updated after restarting the app in the (Homey) settings section (or a forced restart from a flow).

There are two Homey Yale apps for this device: Access or Home. Access seems to be working correctly according this video: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSCkmpXXLZY). But this app is only available for users in the United States or Canada. I have send a request to the Dutch app developer (Drenso) to correct this. I hope they will fix this soon.

I reported the same issue relating to my Yale Conexis L2 lock. It was receiving status updates until the Yale Home app was updated a few days ago.

I go this reply…

“We have been able to reproduce this issue (so we no longer need the diagnostics report), but it is not related to our v2 update even though its timing does make it seem so. We have escalated this issue to another time (presumably team), hopefully they will be able to solve this issue soon.”

We’ll see. I’ve asked if there’s a work-around in the meantime given it was working before the update.


Thanks for your reaction Andy. My work-around for now is to restart the app from a flow every 5 minutes.

I have the same problem since 3 days. Lock/ Unlock works but theres is no update with status and Door state. I wrote to dev also and I am waiting for an upgrade.

Best regards

Yeah, after two more Yale home v2 updates yesterday it kind of works sometimes but still misses a lot of status changes from the lock (Doorman L3).