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I was able to set up Yale Assure 2 Wi-Fi enabled lock in Yale Access and on my Homey Pro (early 2023) and it worked fine. Recently the battery died and the lock went offline and when I got it back up and running there was an error in Homey and I couldn’t access it.
I deleted it and tried to reinstall it and now it state no new devices found.
I factory reset the lock.
I uninstalled the Yale Access Homey App.
I shut down my Homey for 11 min and still no lock available.
It works fine through the Yale Access app but the Yale Access Homey app doesn’t see it as a new device.
Is there some cashe I need to clear?
Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

Try to find the possible ‘left behind’ Yale device @ https://tools.developer.homey.app/devices
When it’s there, hit the bin icon to delete it.
After that, it should be possible to install the lock again?

Unfortunately it’s not showing on the developer site. It’s a ghost somewhere.

How about reading back a backup, which was made prior to the day the battery died?

So I tried factory resetting the lock, building a new Yale Access account, and setting the lock on the new account. I tried adding a new device authenticating with the new account and got the same result. No new device was found.
I’m restoring from backup now so we will see.
Thanks for the help Peter!!

After the restore from back up the lock is back but with the same error code as before
(403 forbidden).
When I try to repair I get the same pop up.

So I tried deleting it from the developer site but still get the same message
no new devices were found.

Hmm… that’s Athom saying no, so it seems?
Did you get the chance to login to Yale? Or is this message showed after the Yale login?

I have a second Homey pro in a different location and I got the same result.
No new devices were found. Really strange.

After the Yale login.

The same error is showing on the developer site under the lock details.

I have exactly the same issue. For now I have added the locks to Home Assistant back into Homey Pro using the Home Assistant Community app. I can only lock and unlock from Homey so missing the flowcards that Yale Access app have.

I have created a ticket at Welcome at Drienerlo Engineering Solutions! | Drenso who have build the Yale Access app.

I’m having the exact same issue now, 403 forbidden callback…

I have now stumbled upon this issue. Any news?

have the same issue; suddenly, a 403 error pops up, and despite reinstalling and re-adding, the problem persists.

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Any progress? I wrote to the application programmer and he wrote back that the problem is being solved…

Thank you for your patience. We have escalated the app issue to another team and we will have to wait on their response, as this seems to impact a limited group of users and is not necessarily related to our Homey app. Once we know more we will make sure to let you know!

Best regards,

Bob van de Vijver

That’s not at all what he writes back.

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