Yale Conexis L1 - No Compatible Homey App

Hi there,

I recently switched to Homey and have been loving it, however when I try to add my Yale Conexis L1 to Homey via the Yale digital lock app, which has an option for the Conexis, it pairs but states that no compatible app was found… but I used the app to pair!

So it then gets added as a basic z wave device but as far as I can tell it doesn’t lock/unlock it just appears.

Has anyone else experienced this or could propose a solution to try? Thanks, Mark

I’ve got the same lock and about to buy the Homey Pro and so have some interest to see if you get this working.

This is a deal breaker for me if this lock doesn’t work :frowning:

I see that they have added to the app but it does say they didn’t have a lock they could test with so there may be problem.


There also seems to be an issue with using the app that it is draining the battery of the device as well.

And as far as I can tell the app seems dead as the dev hasn’t responded since April.

So I had a breakthrough - it seems that I had the V1 Z wave module, I upgraded to V2 and it’s paired no issues.

Not sure about the battery drain issues. I guess Time will tell on that front.

Ah I was going to recommend that (no honest I was lol). I have the v2 module so its good to hear its working. I think the battery issues where resolved in the app as the polling was removed from it, you will still get the state from this lock as the v2 module sends the state of the lock when its used.

@Mark_McG what system did you switch from and how are you finding Homey?

I came from Smartthings and I am loving Homey, it feels like so many more devices are supported without dealing in device handlers which quickly go out of date. Flows are great and feel much more refined than smartthings equivalents.

I would absolutely recommend serious smart home/automation people get on board.

But a note of caution, if you have smartthings sensors they will not work with Homey

Thanks for the update my Homey Pro arrived this morning :slight_smile: