Aus Version Yale YRD426 showing as YDR446

Hi all,

To start I would like to say I am a complete novice as I only got my Homey 2 days ago :grimacing: so please bare with me if I’m in the wrong area or if I need to provide more information.

So my first device I’m trying to integrate with my Aus version Homey is my Aus Yale YRD426 Keyed lock with the Aus Z-wave module.

I have been able to successfully add the lock under devices but I have the following issues:

  • the lock is being shown as a YDR446 keyless lock
  • although I can unlock and lock the Yale via homey, when I complete those actions using the keypad or key on the lock itself the status doesn’t change in Homey
  • I can’t see anywhere to add users and PIN numbers etc, and for that matter any lock settings that I would assume should be configurable, auto relocation etc

I’m assuming at this point it may be something to do with that my lock is a Aus version and the device ids may be different to that of which are in the Yale app that Homey provided me to download.

As I said I’m new to this so please go easy if I’ve completely missed something

Thanks for your help guys


Maybe @Jamie can help you, he’s also from “down under” .

Hey, did you ever get any progress on this?

I have a Yale YD256, also in Aus.

I can lock/unlock and the status updates in Homey however if unlocked/locked via pin or thumbturn.

From what I’ve found so far either the Aus version of the Z-Wave module does something a little differently or just doesn’t send updates when interaction with the physical lock at all which would suck.

I suspect you have 2 issues, showing up as the wrong lock is just the IDs which if you can give to the app author Mike he should be able to correct that.

The second issue is the same as mine being that the lock does not feed back data either because the app needs an adjustment or because the module just does not do it.

If the app just needs an update hopefully Mike can fix it for us, I’m trying to find how to get in touch. If the module doesn’t send the data only the manufacturer of the Z-wave module can fix that. However if that is the case I am hoping Mike can add a flow card to the app to manually poll the lock status so we can use a sensor to trigger a flow to sync the lock status. Not ideal but will give enough to work around the main issues.

Looks like the best way to get in touch with them is on Github, I’ve posted my take on the issues with the Aus version here

@IdleZombie Did you ever sort this out? I’m using the YRD446 (aus) and also having the same issues i.e open/close function works, other events in flows dont work or are not being parsed.

Edit: Im wondering if its just a matter of updating Mike’s code to update all references from YDR446 to YRD446 and that will solve the issue. (and basically load it as a custom app using CLI)