Yale assure lock 2

New here and migrating from Vera that I have had since 2010. I just added the Yale app and added my first dead bolt with no issues. When I try and lock or unlock the dead bolt with the app I get an error message that says “Missing Capability Listener locked or unlocked” depending on what I choose. Not sure what to do next.

Hi and welcome!

I’m not familiar with Yale locks, but you can contact the app developer.
The relevant contact options can be found in the App Store: Yale Digital Lock App for Homey | Homey

Thank you

Still have not heard back from support. Purchased a new Yale Assure Lock 2 deadbolt model 450. It works fine in the Yale app but I have been unable to add it to Homey Pro. Are there specific instructions to add it?

As I already mentioned, I’m not familiar with Yale locks.
Have you checked the App Store if this model is supported by Homey?
Have you searched the forum?
The instructions how to add a device are normally displayed when you add the device.

I posted again hoping to get a response from anyone that has had luck. My original post was for the touch screen deadbolt which is supported in the Yale app in Homey. Since I did not hear back from support I figured I would try there new Assure Lock 2 which does not show up as a supported lock in the app. There are other post here where people where able to get it to work. Perhaps I should have created a new post. I was not meaning to ask you since you did not know about Yale locks. I reached out to another person here that posted about an issue to see how they where able to get it to work. thanks

I just got off the phone with Yale Support and they tell me that even though the Assure Lock 2 is Z-Wave capable (the module I bought mine with) it is only compatible with a select few platforms, and Homey is not one of them, yet ironically Hubitat is. I find this very hard to believe and quite frustrating. I guess I am going to have to use HomeKit or some other mechanism to bridge it over to Homey/Home Assistant.