August Lock No Longer Working

Is it just me or did the August lock integration stop working last week? It was giving me Forbidden Errors and then when I uninstalled/resinstalled it can’t find any of my devices. I’m thinking a API changed and the app is out of date?


Did you also try a PTP (Power oof Homey for about 11 minutes) and a restart off the app?


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I also re-installed Homey Pro firmware and then re-installed Yale Access. Had the same problem as amcdnl. I have the 2019 homey pro.

Is there another app that’s more reliable for August lock? Thanks.

Hi amcdnl, is it working already?

+1 Same issue. Worked fine, then stated getting 403 Forbiden errors. I uninstalled/reinstalled app, and now it won’t see anything.

Does this make any sense
(Only the app seems updated 4 months ago, not a few weeks):

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Yes. I’m using Yale Access and am located in the USA.

I contacted the app support team. They said this was a known issue, and they are working to address. No further updates, will post updates here.

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Also located in the US. I contacted the dev back when I first found this but haven’t heard back since.

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A ticket was created end of November 2023:

I also posted this is some other thread, but if you’ve missed it; There was a bug with the Yale API, we needed a new key. Should be fixed with the new version (v1.9.7) :wink: :+1:

I wrote in to August and they said:
(1) They confirmed if we delete the lock, and if we’re outside USA/Canada, we can’t add it
(2) Said there was NO SOLUTION for me (in Singapore)

Does this also means that the API can’t be added for Homey if lock is outside US/Canada?

However, I’m also using Home Assistant and the integration continues to work though. Only that I cannot identify who unlocked the lock, when I previously can with the Homey August integration. Looks like I have to purchase another smart lock from another company.