RF 433 MHz receive range disappointing

I just want to express my disappointment concerning the receiving range of the Homey Pro. In many cases where HomeWizard and ICS-2000 are receiving signals, Homey Pro does not. Homey Pro promises 1,5 better reception, so how bad is the old Homey? Extending the receiving range with satellite bridges does not work, although support says it works.
So I suggest that Athom engineers should have a look at the HomeWizard and ICS-2000 design. And maybe introduce the possibility of an external antenne. Or add support for RFXcomm for Homey Pro. As there are not yet 1 to 1 Zigbee/Z-Wave replacements for all 433 devices.


What doesn’t work when you try to switch the device to the antenna of your Homey Bridge?
It can be found in the advanced settings of the device.
And what device are you trying to add/operate with Homey?

It is only possible to select the transmission antenna, not the receiving antenna. So sensors like AWST-6000, APIR-2150, AMST-606 and thermometers TS34C can only communicate with Homey Pro, not the satellite bridge. These devices only work within a few meters away from Homey Pro.

You can only select the transmit antenna at the moment


This is a user forum, suggestions to Athom go to support: Support | Homey

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I know. But I cannot believe I am the only one.
And this is “Ideas & Suggestions”, isn’t?
I don’t think it is a good idea to have a support channel and a user forum, as discussion and information are in two places. Otherwise you would have known, that despite al the information you give, support still believes that satellites extend the receiving capabilities of Homey Pro. Nice for Athom, as they can hide information they do not like. So another suggestion is to share all available information and make support requests public.

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On 18 august 2023 the response from support to a user (me!) was:

Thank you for your reply.

433 Mhz is working on Homey Bridge in Satellite Mode, and you can choose it as an extra antenna to send and receive 433 Mhz commands.

So contradictory information.

Why do you start a new topic?

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Because I want to know what other users are experiencing.
And because I am frustrated that I don’t get the right answers from Athom, and that they leave me in the dark.I already send back the bridge once, bought another one to convince support it doesn’t work. I can understand not all things work right know. But I hate it when manufacturers are in denial.
Will the bridge ever support 433 reception? If not, I will return the bridge again. And the Pro too? Just give me a glue/hinch. Is that so difficult?
Or is Athom’s goal to fool customers and sell non-working bridges?

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I must say I agree that 433mhz like Klik aan klik uit is not working as well as it did with my Homey 2019.
My Homey 2023 is on the same place the Homey 2019 was and a lot of Klik aan Klik uit devices just won’t work very well anymore.
Even after removing and adding them again it is hit or miss if they will go on or off when a command is given.

I’m thinking of buying a Homey Brigde for it’s satellite modus (Homey 2019 is useless for that) to expand the range. Buying a few Zigbee smart plugs does cost more. :crazy_face:

I have asked Athom for improvement so we will see.

That’s not at all about reception range, is it?
Transmission of 433 Mhz isn’t the issue here. :innocent:

Nope. Check out the set of Homesh apps!
You can pair your KaKu stuff to the 2019 and control the flows on the 2023, and let the 2023 control the KaKu devices on the 2019 :upside_down_face::partying_face:

I had these apps installed but did not know this.
Now it is too late because I sold my Homey 2019 for a fair price.

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I fully agree with Rmb.
For the last 5 years, I used Domoticz on a Rasberry Pi, connected to RFXtrx433 hardware from rfxcom.com. My Kaku and weather hardware, all working on 433 MHz, worked rather good in my large house.

Since implementing Homey Pro (2023) I noticed a short range for the 433 MHz stuff. 400 euros down the drain?
I replaced all Kaku stuff with Z-wave which now works better than Kaku in the past but my weather sensors in the garden can no longer be received. Poor receiving range!

As an RF engineer, I know what to try to get it to work, but all the locations where I placed the Homey Pro (except in the garden) were of lo luck.

An external antenna on top of the Homey Pro would help …

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Did you try placing Homey upside down?

Yes, and also placed to the wall (so vertical) and turning around to find the best position.
Probably too much RF noise inside the Homey with processors and antennas so close to each other.

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It might help to add a wire to the 433 antenna. That works from both sides: I soldered a wire to a KAKU light sensor antenna (inside the AWST-6000) and wrapped it a few rounds into the housing and it now works flawless. So it might help to add a wire to the 433 antenna in the Homey Pro '23. If only the thing wasn’t too expensive to void the warranty :sweat_smile:

@Lacobo Adding just a wire as an antenna is not the best way.
It depends on the length of the wire if it works or not.
As far as I know the antenna for 433Mhz should be 6.5 inches, or 16.5 cm.

Thanks for the info Mike. Still haven’t decided to do the mod.

Similar issues here, but reception seems to differ per type of Klikaanklikuit device. I have very, very old devices, hidden on the 3rd floor under my home roof, that work perfectly. Because they worked perfectly with Homey, I bought some brand new power plugs (APC3-2300R) that are installed with 3-5 meter from my Homey Pro '23 without much interference, and they hardly work.
And there’s one specific plug in the garden that always goes on with Homey, but never turns off.

All on 433 MHz.