Extend range with Homey Bridge

I have a Homey Pro 2023. But I have no reception in the garden shed. I do have WiFi in the shed.
Is it possible to add a Homey Bridge in the shed to extend the range?

Reception of what?

Yes: 433MHz & IR signals (you can select if the Pro or bridge should send the signal)
No: other signals (for now)
Using Shelly Wifi gear in the garden shed is probably a better plan.
Or Tuya/Lidl wifi-zigbee hub
Maybe even a Hue bridge, but it needs an ethernet connection if I’m right

Het bereik van de Homey Pro komt niet tot achter in de tuin. Ik heb daar ook KlikaanKlikuit verlichting en een Somfybediening e.d. Deze kan ik nu niet via Homey bedienen.

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If you talk about RF 433 MHz signals, Homey Bridge as a Satellite of Homey Pro (Early 2023) can transmit them from another location.

The Homey App needs to support that Satelite mode:

What’s new
Version 3.2.2 — Add satellite mode

Version 7.3.2 — Add satellite mode

So that probably will work

Note: Connect both Homey Pro (Early 2023) an the Homey Bridge to the same LAN and enable them bot to communicate with the Athom Cloud (Actually: don’'t block them from connecting):

:bulb: While Homey Bridge connects to Homey Pro directly on LAN, […]

I am in a chat with Homey Support and they are under the assumption that i have the option ‘choose antenna’ but i dont see the option in my Kaku Devices. Does anybody see that option?

other than the explination of the support item Sattelite

I see it:

It’s not implemented both ways yet, maybe that’s the issue you encounter.
If I got it right, you cannot yet select an antenna for ‘commanding’ devices like push switches and remotes.

It is true that at this moment the Bridge cannot yet be selected as a receiver. Development is aware of this and this has been done so that you do not get situations where both the Bridge and the Pro receive the same signal and therefore perform actions twice. So it remains to be seen how this will be resolved. It is therefore on the roadmap, but we cannot yet guarantee whether and when and in what form this will be implemented.

If I got it right Homey Pro doesn’t care if fe a pushbutton is received from the antennas of the Homey Bridge or from it’s own antenna…
Only for transmitted signals you can choose the used antenna AFTER at least transmitting once.

:bulb: The device’s app must support Satellite Mode, and have transmitted at least once, before the Antenna-setting appears.

I do not have that option at all

I used for the AGST-8802 and 8800

Did i do something wrong at the install.

both are transmitters. You don’t have to do anything. Satellite mode is working automatically and Homey only listen to both switches.
Homey doesn’t send for these so no antennas selection.

Ah ok, tnx for the info than i will figure out why the kaku was performing bad.

Makes sense, Geurt.
However It is a bit odd you state something else than Athom support did. Maybe the support person misunderstood the technician, idk.