Restore lost Better Logic and CountDown configuration [HowTo]

Both Better Logic and CountDown have an configuration page with Variables / Timers you need te configure before the App works.
And wetter you made a mistake and deleted all, removed accidentally the App from Homey and lost all…
If you forgot to make a backup, you are screwed…

If you still have your Flows On homey all configuration can be retrieved.

The script is available here 0.5-recreateBL&CD-BackupFromFlows.js

Install HomeyScript on your Homey!
Go to
(Preferably from a desktop, Chrome works great.)

  • Login
  • Select your Homey
  • Add a new Script (+ left bottom)
  • Give it a name… fe recreateBL&CD-BackupFromFlows.js
  • Open the script from here (plain text) Copy All / Paste in your new created HomeyScript

Uncomment the App you want to restore configuration for (Line ~ 19, 20 )

// App to Check: Choose one, Better Logic (Patrick Sannes) or CountDown (Ralf van Dooren)
// let appName = 'net.i-dev.betterlogic'
let appName = 'nl.bevlogenheid.countdown'
  • Press Save and Run

In the result you get a block with the variables and a second block to restore the variables.
Copy everything from the lines between the second and third line -=-=-=-=-=- …
It should start with [{ and end with }]

Paste these lines in the Import. on the App configuration screen.

Tested with:
on Homey v 1.5 x

  • Better Logic - v0.9.12 - Patrick Sannes
  • CountDown - v1.2.5 - Ralf van Dooren

on Homey v 2.0.0

  • CountDown - v2.0.3 - Ralf van Dooren
  • Better Logic - v1.0.1 - 18.12.18 - Patrick Sannes

on Homey v 4.2.0-rc14

  • CountDown - v2.0.3 - Ralf van Dooren
  • Better Logic - v1.0.5 - 18.12.18 - Patrick Sannes

Great @Dijker! Thx

Thank’s. This script saved my friday night. I lost all of my countdowns all off a sudden, but got them all recovered by your script! :grinning:


Thnx for the script! Makes my day. I did also make a backup, just in case :slight_smile:


Script gives me an error:

Script Error:

do you guys have it still working?
im on 1.5.13

Works again, i did nothing to solve it :thinking:

Could have been an browser or cache issue.

Script works great to restore CountDown timers! Thanks!


I accidentally deleted my timers. how to restore that?
The link of the script is not working.