Deleted timers countdown app


I accidentally deleted my timers in de the countdown app.
How can I restore the timers.

I found a site but the link is not working



Do you have the backup function? In that case you can restore everything, including your deleted timers

how do I restore my current homey ? If i put it in recovery mode i don’t get the question to restore a backup.
Options I get :
Keep current settings
Reset to factory default.

Do you have the backup option from Homey? It is a payed option to restore all devices, apps, flows.

If not it the restore option will not help you to get your timers back

i have the payed option. I see my backups here

i see also this Je hebt een actief Homey+ abonnement.

This will help you to restore

No, the script mentioned in the opening post is fixed.
That is enough. Not a complete restore…

@Marcel_Ubels @Dijker Thanks


is the link from Marcel the way to restore a current homey. If I put the homey in recovery mode I don’t see an option to restore. Do I need to do it via the mobile app ? Or do I need to reset the homey to factory default.

For fixing your countdown counters you just need to use the script found in you op.

For restoring a backup you need to reset your Homey to factory default and follow the procedure from the Athom support article. But see my findings in my post.