Where are Better logic variables after update to 2.x

Today I made an update from 1.5x to Homey 2.1.1
Before the update I had many variables defined via Better Logic.
After the update I do see Better logic in my Iphone app, but I do not see the variables of Better Logic in my PC Homey Web interface. Where can I find the variables via de Web interface because editing on a small Iphone screen is for me not user friendly.

If they are really gone, you can redefine your variables in the new built in logic. Open the app and go to “More” and then to “Logic”. Then you don’t need “Better logic” anymore.

Welcome on the forum @Henk_Levels,
They should still be in the dashboard / settings of the Better Logic app. If they are missing check that you updated to the latest app update.
Then search at the forum for the script to regenerate the backup of BL variables that you should have made and restore the variables.
Or you could change to the build in logic of Homey v2 if you don’t use the really advanced BL functions and have to change/fix all flows.