Homey script or Better Logic

I’m a noob when it comes to script language.
Before Homey v2.x I used Better logic and used many Better Logic variables in flows.
I’m now investigating how easy or hard it is to switch from Better Logic to Homey script language and where to start. Where to find information and are there Tutorials and where to find them.
Or is it more convenient to use the Logica variables of Homey

HomeyScript is absoluut nog a replacement for Better Logic!
Although BL base some advanced things you could not do in the current Homey’s logic it was developed in a time that Homey was missing a lot.
You can still use BL in Homey v2 but you need to looking you have a need for it.

If you only use things you now can do also in Homey’s logic I would advise that.
Maybe some math.js you now use BL for could be replaced with a HomeyScript but if that works in BL there is no need to change imho.

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Thanks Geurt for the reply.
Assume I want to use the Homey’s Logic.
Is it possible to declare and edit the Homey’s variables from the Web interface on the PC, or can it only be done from my Iphone Homey App.

Only from the Mobile App :cry:
but you probably could run an Android Emulator on your PC to have both on screen.