Countdown timer

Hi Homey friends,

A small question; I might see ghosts, but can it be that countdowntimers are disappearing from my countdownapp ? I need these timers all the way, and my flows are not working because they are disappearing…

Thanks in advance !


And you first configur the timer in the settings?

I did, but I’m really starting to question the countdown timer app

And which app (yes, there are several) on which Homey version?

Hi @Rocodamelshekima,
Thanks for your shift reply.
I’m using Homey Version 2.1.2 and Countdown Timer (Jeroen Bos) Version 1.2.6 and Better Logic v 1.0.5

Ok, thnx. Saves me from reacting with “i don’t see that behavior” and stuff like that because i use the Ralf app. Maybe we can ask Jeroen to shed a light on this.

Thanks again for your advise!

We will look into it. Also use the app myself, no problem. Also never heard of the problem before. Do you use strange characters in timer names??

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Dag Jeroen, Bedankt om er even nr te kijken. Ik gebruik geen vreemde karakters

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Hi Bart,
I had the same issue, restarting the countdown app fixed it for me

Thanks HansVee !

The app automagically removes unused timers on app restart. So its not a bug its a feature :wink:

New test-version of the countdown app is live:

This adds pause / resume a timer and fixes a bug where the trigger a timer is empty card when the timer was stopped manually. Happy testing!