Countdown timers, working on Homey V2

Do you need countdown timers (zandlopers) for Homey try out the new Countdown timers app.

It is also working on V2 and don’t use any settings!

# Countdown timer

With this app you can add countdown timers for Homey. With countdown timers you can for example start a timer for a certain amount of seconds when a motion-detection sensor detected motion and turn lights on. When the sensor detects motion again it sets the timer again. When the timer runs out you can turn off the lights.

No settings needed, just create a flow and start your timers. Easy and simple!

Flow support


  • A specific timer has started
  • A specific timer has stopped
  • Any timer started
  • Any timer stopped


  • Countdown timer is active / inactive


  • Start / update a countdown timer
  • Stop a countdown timer
  • Stop all countdown timers

Thnx Jeroen for the app. Just fixed my timer flows with Homey v2

Out of curiousity (and because I prefer to use the best :slight_smile:) How it that app compared to CountDown?

Countdown is not working in Homey 2.0.0


I can’t get the timers to work in V2. Should I be using the release or beta version of countdown timers?
I have flow triggered by a PIR that turns on the light and sets a timer called HallPIR to 6 seconds.
I have another flow triggered by a timer finished card but it never runs. I also tried a specific timer stopped card but still not working.

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I can’t get this one working on 2.0.

I can start the timer but I can’t create a flow based on “timer has stopped”.

As an example:
Flow 1: I have a motion sensor in one room, when someone enters the room and motion sensor is triggered I would like to start a 5 minute timer and turn on the ceiling lamp. So far so good, this works.

Flow 2: When above timer has stopped and no motion is detected I would like to turn off this ceiling lamp.
I have based the trigger on both “A specific timer has stopped” and “Any timer stopped”, condition is “motion is not detected” and action is “turn off ceiling lamp”.
Note: I have tried both with and without the “motion is not detected” as condition.

Hey @Jeroen_Bos

I just installed it to start migrating the timers from the “Countdown” app to prepare for migrating to Homey 2.0. Does your app support the tags (to check if a timer runs or other use cases)?

Q1) How can we check if a timer runs or have an overview of the ones running. Imho in Homey 2.0 it can only be visualized with use of tags?

Q2) In the card “a timer is empty” there is no drop down list of available timers, is this done on purpose? You will have to know all timers by memory what is hard if you use a lot of timers (believe me we will use a lot of them :wink: )

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A new version with autocomplete on timer names is coming. We’re currently testing this. And this version has another cool feature. You are able to make a countdown timer visible on the ledring of your homey!!

Coming soon! :slight_smile:



I’ve made a flow to switch the light on for 300 seconds when someone pushes the doorbell. That flow is correctly but not tested yet.

But i can’t get the flow working to switch the light off. I can’t find the timer in the list. See attached printscreen.

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I am curious how this app compares to Looks like both are working in 2.0.

Once of the main differences is that you can create, name and set the timer directly in the flow with Countdown timers.
With the “Countdown” application you linked to you first need to create and name the timer in the app setting, then use it in a flow.

Of course there are more differences but you need to read and compare each apps description to find out which one is best suited for you.

P.S. I currently use both of them but the main reason is that I have not had the time update the flows that are using “CountDown” yet, I started using “Countdown timers” when I updates to 2.0.

Same problem. Newly made timers don’t appear in the list.

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Just found out the problem. Newly made (or changed) timers only appear after restarting the app (in the settings). I guess this is a bug.

This is not a bug, its a feature. This way we clean up all unused timers on app restart. There is no need to re-create them. If a timer is started that doesnt exist it will be re-added again automagically

Jeroen i really like your app. Thanks you very much.
Would it be possible to add a card to pause a timer?
I would use that’s to keep track of the running hours of a air humidifier. So i can get a push notification when a water refill is necessary.

Good point, we will add that when we have time for it :blush:

They appear in the list as soon as you ran them once. We’ll try to add it as soon as they are added

Thanks :+1:

The current version has this :hugs:

When I create a timer name, I cannot use the Swedish letters åäö. Is it something you will fix?