Countdown timers, working on Homey V2

Another question!
When I use countdown timers in a flow. Then I will not get a list of my timername that I created. It’s very annoying! Must keep track of what I named each timer.:woozy_face:

And when you click on the small card icon on the right side?

Then I can choose tags.

and if you scrol up, do you find your timers?

Now I test some of the other choices, “stop a timer” “Show a timer on ledring” "paus a timer " “resume a timer” “pause/resume a timer”. And with this choice it work! So it’s anything wrong with “start /update a timer”

maybe @Jeroen_Bos can answer or you need to write your problem on Github

The problem with the Swedish letters is also already mentioned there.

@Hans-Jochen_Nissen do you still have this problem? I thought every card now has autocomplete except start a new timer. Dont here complaints about it.

Hope you like the app besides this issue :heart:

First and foremost, I apologize as my mail would to someone completely different! Sitting and going through my mail from far back and have mixed one thing up with the other. And yes, it would be a joke to the one it concerns.(So please remove the post above)To the point of countdown timers. I got tips on using Chronograph instead, and it has worked great for me. so I don’t have Countdown timers installed anymore.
Kind regards Hans-Jochen