Replace SOM


My Homey Pro isn’t relyable. I have 40 + apps and almost 200 flows. Now my Homey Pro is getting slow en unreachable sometimes.
I was searching and got an idea, maybe if I can replace the SOM ( system on a module). The Homey Pro has an C1000DL and can I simply replace the SOM with a . The SOM is connected to the board with a Hirose DF40 connector.
The thing is the software, how to get the homey’s software on the SOM.
Anyone got an idea? Or only replace the processor and the memory chip?

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Or perhaps try and find out why your current Homey is getting slow? 40+ apps and 200 flows isn’t an awful lot (in fact, Athom advertises the Homey Pro as being able to run “over 40 apps”).

I had contact with Athom about this and they suggested to deinstall some apps. I told them I can’t I need the apps. And that was the support.

Enable the “Power User” experiment so you get CPU/RAM graphs in Insights, perhaps there’s a specific app that’s using a lot of CPU or memory. Also try and see if there are particular flows that may be causing the problems.


I have it enabled and here is a screenshot:

Here is a screenshot of Grafana:

But how can I see if a flow is causing problems?

“gemiddelde belasting” is high, around a 1.4 average, which means that there are always processes (= apps) waiting for the CPU. Try disabling apps one at a time to see if you can find a culprit, or look through the different apps’ CPU usage graphs to see if you can find an app that sticks out. I would start with apps that use Bluetooth, like the Beacon app.

Finding problematic flows works the same: try disabling flows (perhaps ones that are run often, or have a lot of actions) to see if the CPU usage drops.

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here is the cpu load of every app. But no one sticks out

I don’t know if its save to put the log of homey here? I do have Realtime Homey logger V2 enabled.

Foscam and Prometheus use more CPU than other apps, although not shockingly much (but worthwhile to disable them and see if that improves performance). I don’t know Realtime Homey Logger so not sure if it’s safe or not.

If you have a lot of Z-Wave devices, search the forum to include those unsecure, I believe that a lot of people noticed a markable performance improvement after they did so.

@robertklep Can I send you a message so that not everyone sees my log file?


@Jeroen_Kokhuis Try adjusting the interval of prometheus as described here: exporter

Makes an night and day difference for me

I’ve reinclude every zwave device insecure and adjust Prometheus interval and now my average_load is:

Still peaks, but the average is a lot lower.

it is more flattened

@robertklep and @matrover thanks for your help

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Don’t trust Athom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great findings here! Definitively something I need to do myself. How can you show the app cpu load in Insight?

Just took a few minutes. Now the apps shows in Insight. Let me see…

So obviously something is making my Homey get a really high load every 45 minutes 24/7. Any tips on how to figure out this one? I guess it might be a flow as none of my apps are using more than 0.00008 (vThermo app) of the cpu. Any way to show the flow in a detailed scheduled view?

I tried the Prometheus app once, because I wanted to use Grafana. It really slowed down my Homey. Couldn’t find a solution so I deleted Prometheus. Maybe you can disable the Promotheus app for a while to see if it makes any difference for you?

I dont have Promotheus installed. Just for fun, I stopped ALL my apps and still I get the peak every 45 minutes. That includes a reboot of Homey when all apps were disabled before rebooting. Still peaking. So that is interesting.

I sent a support case of it and created a diagnostic report to see what Athom can tell me.