Red ring, not responding to pulling the plug op


My homey has started acting up since a day or 2. I noticed that the led ring was off, which is on after sunrise, and several flow had not started. After opening the app the message on the screen was: homey is offline.

I pulled the plug and waited. This time I could get in the app, but all Xiaomi zigbee devices had the circling “loading” emblem. My fibaro and shelly devices were fine. The log showed the mosquito app logging unavailable and available serveral times an hour so I removed it. But to no avail.
I have to note that none of my Xiaomi zigbee devices are activated by automation flows, but are mostly trigger devices (switch, cube)

After a little while (minutes) I tried to use a device but got a red ring. Now all my devices had the loading emblem. I looked for a solution via Google and found that setting up the device again should help, and I could save the data. So I turned homey over, setup the network again, and kept my data. But no success.

I keep getting messages in the app, sometimes telling me there is a network problem, sometimes it’s showing “unknown error”. Sometimes devices start working for a while but after a short period of time it all just shuts down again.

Additional information:

I have homey for more than a year, mostly problem free.
Homey is up to date.
The network is fine, I’m using it all the time and I haven’t added any devices to it at least for 30 days. Also the devices connected to homey have been working for some time now. Nothing was recently added.
Homey is quite close to the router, and has also not been moved recently.

Is there anyone who can tell me what the next step is? I would rather not do a factory reset, because I will lose my flows and devices.

If you require any more information before you can help me, tell me!



Did you already try a different powerplug (min.2A)

Yeah, same result.

How long did u wait with the PTP before putting the plug back in?

From seconds to several minutes.

I just read the link, I don’t think I made it to 10 mins. Will be doing that now.

PTP <<<<Link, click!

Yeah I saw it, I did the reading^^

Counting down the minutes now.

Well, i tried plugging it in with the athom adapter, homey made a constant crackling sound, and the led ring was flashing all colours all over the place.

I tried another adapter and it stopped acting weird but after booting up it still has half the devices not working. So I think it will be down again in a few minutes :frowning:

Edit: all devices ar now working. I will report in a few minutes if everything is still working. I wil also try again with the athom adapter.

Recent changes in the Homey firmware can cause Zigbee-devices taking up to 20 minutes before they become available on Homey. And don’t bother with the Athom power supply, it’s showing all the signs of being broken.

So far, so good. Homey is not giving me a red ring and the apps stay active with the new plug! Strange that only after a full 10 min PTP the adapter started acting up.

Well fingers crossed!