My home keeps go offline

Work for few minuts and than go offline
Any idea way?

Now he dont start at all…

#update 2
Now he turn on and started, what to do? Anyway to back up all my flows?

Try replacing the powerplug ( 5 volt min 2Amp )

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I use the original power supply homey provided… U think its may be defective?

That has happend to many Homey users.

U mean in the last few days?

Going on for years already.

And what? Need to replace my homey?

Gave my advice already: Try replacing the powerplug ( 5 volt, min. 2 Amp )

I have a few Homey’s here and they seem to alternate as to which are online at any one time. This has only just started recently. They are not dropping on and off of WiFi.

Try disabling dualmode on your wifi system.
Homey (and lots of wifi ebabled domotica stuff) doesn’t like 5GHz combined with 2,4GHz; so if possible, use a 2,4GHz SSID for Homey.
With the Net Scan app, you can monitor your wifi router f.i., and let it log on/offline statusses, or even restart Homey.
Something like:

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Just update…
Since 2 days ago
Homey stay online and working fine

Guess it worked out by itself :confused: :confused:

Is there anyway to backup my homey flow?

Backup donate-ware by @Dijker:

Athom Homey Pro to Cloud Backup €1,- / month or €10,- / year.

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ohh nice i didnt know this possible
just did backup now
thankyou !

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Powerplug most common problem.
Next to that router/network problem.
I got many devices and my TP-Link just can’t handle it, it needs an occasional reboot (daily).
So if you reboot the router without touching the homey and it gets back online, than check your router/network.
Limit devices/replace router etc.
Myself am considering building my own again, perhaps with a raspberry pi.

Or reboot Homey and see if it gets back online.

Routers use caching when the load is high it gets too full.
Rebooting Homey means pull the plug, since he sees offline message, this reboot will with an overworked router get access back, but this example with rebooting the Homey is solving the symptom but not the problem: router.
I got multiple routers at home, I put Homey in reset mode (upsidedown for 10 seconds) to connect Homey to a different router and everything improved.
Still it’s a workaround, I need a better router option.

Even the routers I had 20 years ago were able to handle dozens of devices, so I have no idea what you mean with “it gets too full”. If you have a very small DHCP pool you may run into issues, but that should be easily fixable.