Meross App Support

Why doesn’t he communicate himself? :wink:

There is a small test group supporting Bence with testing to ensure it is stable before opening to the wider audience (I’m part of that group). It is progressing well so watch this space, I’m sure a full release will happen soon.

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That would be great

Please Open Source the Code, it world be faster.

Its nasty that My hole Meross „Network“ is down, and Meross Itself Wont to anything :roll_eyes:

I’ll let Bence know, I do know he has been working hard and fixed a lot of issues so I expect a release will be coming soon


Good to see that some things are happening here…

  1. the slack link is expired
  2. please open source the software on GitHub. That would really help
  3. still looking for support for the MTS200 thermostat
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Version 2.02 is now available in the App store Meross App for Homey | Homey which fixes a few issues.

The slack link was created by Bence, so maybe drop him a note to recreate then register request via that?

Still getting this error trying to add MSG200 :slight_smile:

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Have you sent a message to Bence with a copy of the error? he should be able to advise.

@Benwia Did you read this on the app page?

“2.0.2 19 mrt 2024
BREAKING CHANGES: Please remove the previous version of the app and reinstall the new version. Fix changed API. New adoption flow, Local communication, Add translation, Add notification about the change”.

So you have removed version 2.0.1 or earlier and then installed the 2.0.2 version?

If so, i have no idea. Don’t use the app.

When I open and close the port in the meross app or homekit. No information is sent to homey. But I can open and close the gate in homey.
But no info from meross or homekit when I use it.


I get this when adding MST 150-Smart thermostat:
I tested all regions and checked account and password.

Have you sent a copy of the error to Bence?

Yes I have.

I have the same issue.
Please, fix that.

I have the same issue with an MSS620 outdoor plug. I’ve sent them the error.

Hello everyone,
I have the same problem. I have not been able to control/connect my MS620 outdoor socket for a few days now.
I have uninstalled the devices, uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall the app (2.0.2)
After entering the login data for my Memos account, the error message shown in the picture appears.