Make a dumb remote control smart

Does anyone have an experience in making a dumb remote control smart using a smart relais. I have Nice sunblinds all around the house, controlled only by 2 remote controls, directly on the motor.
I bought some ASUN650 KaKu devices bit they seem unusable since the current control units are “built-in” the motor.
So i was thinking of simply modding my remote control, connecting the push button contacts to a smart relais.

Any thoughts or experiences on this?

Ps. Its a 12 year old system… They have smart control on their newer motors but not on those that i have :wink:

What transmission method do the remote controls use? Infrared, 433Mhz RF, something else? For the first two you have devices like the Broadlink RM Pro that can learn codes and retransmit them.

Hi Robert,

Its an encoded system like Somfy, with rolling codes and stuff. Because its not as common as Somfy its not really well documented or looked into by any RF/Smarthome Guru :wink:
Thats why I gave up on the RF side and shifted my attetion on getting the existing remote control Smart :grin:

Ah too bad :frowning: I think you’re going to need a DIY solution where you use an external controller (like an ESP8266 or ESP32) and solder wires between it and the push pads of your remote so it can trigger them. Not trivial.

There was an example on this forum, using ESP8266 to simulate key pressing, forgot in what topic it was.

Edit: [HOWTO] BUVA Boxstream Mechanical ventilation hack

My approach works because the key presses pass through a 3v signal on the buva remote. Make sure you test the voltage on your dumb remote first.

Yes, I moded battery operated fish feeder this way. Used Shelly 1 and connected it to on/off button. This way I can feed fish in my pond remotely as needed.