Becker Centronic EasyControl sunscreen

On my windows there are sunscreens with tube motors that are remotely controlled with a 868MHz system, the Becker Centronic EasyControl EC545-II.

Does anyone knows a method to use this in Homey?

I know that there is no support for it from Athom or with an app. But maybe there is another solution.
In the past I used Domoticz on a RPi and with the GPIO ports I triggered the physical buttons in the remote by setting a low voltage for 1 second. But since I migrated to Homey this solution isn’t working anymore and the RPi is gone. Maybe someone can help me with a solution like an ESP8266 or so.

Just curious - did you find a solution to this? Also have Becker roller blinds.

You can use ESP8266 in combination with HomeyDuino

Not yet.
I’m intent to go for Homeyduino but still have to figure out what code/firmware and settings I have to load on the ESP8266 board.