ASA sunscreen tube motor

I have searched the forum and found only topics that dated more than 2 years old.
Is there a (easy) way to add ASA tube motors to my homey?

Forgive me if i missed a topic in my Search…

Not much information. Which type?

I have two

ASA motor ETR3 10/16

Installed at the moment.

So it’ s a roller shutter motor with an ASA radio protocol based on a 433 MHz frequency. Right?

I have not yet worked with this radio frequency, so I can not help, sorry.

That is correct, thanks for your time anyway

For now I have made a workaround using a dummy kaku that is also seen by my domoticz. I added a few scripts to link the dummy to the shutter motor in domoticz…

Have you ever tried to teach the remote control key commands to Homey?

As far as I know, this is not possible if the remote control sends an encrypted code or the code is always renewed (rolling code).

I have recorded it once but was never successful to send it out… i dont know if that was due to my inexperience ( i have never used this feature) or if it is just not possible for this…
I could test that with a simple kaku command…

Short answer; no, it is not possible to add ASA motors directly to Homey.

it is however possible to add them by making use of a RFXCom443E to HA or a different system and add those devices back to homey. This is the way i’ve did it. Just managed to get it to work, it is raining like hell overhere, but at least it is ready before summertime :wink:

Thanks Martijn,

I think I did the same thing, I added a dummy switch in domoticz. The dummyswitch is triggerd by homey and domiticz runs a flow to switch the corresponding shutter. It works… a bit delayed… but it is still relying on a separate ( in my case less stable) system.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for better weather…

Hi! It seems we had same motors :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m looking to get a homey and as I got ASA motors, do I need to buy another transmitter (rfxcom) to plug to homey base? Homey basic is enough or pro to do that?
Sorry, as I’m noob in this « automation world » I just need to be sure before buying something wrong. I ‘m glad it can work, besides :wink:
Thanks for your help!

Like stated above I used a work around. Basically homey is telling domoticz to open the screens. No direct signal possible with my current expertise with the system. Sorry…

If it works without buying anything else, with homey and HA or domoticz, that’s good for me!

Well, you still need the RFXCom433E (not 443)

Where can I get this?
This module is to Connect physically to every tube? Or just one to connect to homey physically too?
(I have 7 motors to be automated)
(And only finding rxcomm433xl like this RFXtrx433XL USB 433.92MHz Transceiver
not 443…

That is the one you should connect to your domoticz. One is enough . Homey has a built in antenna for 433… it just doesn’t communicate easily with the Asun tube drives.

With Homey basic you probably mean Homey Bridge? I don’t think that’ll work. You will need a Homey Pro because you would need some external tooling.

What I did is the following.

There is a link between the RFXCom and Home Assistent. The ASA motors have been imported into the RFXCom tooling and have been added to HA. I created scripts for all actions (up / down and stop) per shade.

I installed the HA device app into Homey and included the scripts. With virtual devices I created the shades in homey and coupled all actions with flows to the virtual buttons.

Works very wel, but is a bit tricky because all components.