Control build-in lights in the veranda

Hi there,

Is there a way to control the following lights with homey:

These light are located outside in my veranda. There are 6 lights in a row and the lights are controlled by the following remote:

This is not a infrared remote because i don’t have to point the remote to the lights. I can control them from almost the whole house.

I already tried it with the Broadlink RM3 Pro, but there is no way to connect the remote.

Does anybody have a idea?

Perhaps mentioning a brand or a link would be useful.

I would if i knew :wink:

I think it has no brand. It looks like this:

Maybe if you remove 1 light, or find the company who delivered / build it. Then the brand & type should be discoverable?

It should be this:

And those remotes are actually brandless, and used by a lot of different companies

You probably have to find an external device that can learn the codes of the remote :frowning:

Well, it is an RF signal, but which frequency… is this selectable on the remote?
Broadlink RM Pro / RM4 Pro probably doesn’t recognize the 434MHz, while it is on 433MHz.

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My guess is that it has something to do with the RF frequency. The remote supports 868/869.5/916.5/434MHz.

And the Broadlink RM3 Pro only supports 433MHz i guess

What’s typically called “433Mhz” is actually a range of frequencies (433.050 to 434.790Mhz according to Wikipedia), so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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it is not selectable on the remote unfortunately

Maybe it sends on all the ranges?
What RM do you have? An RM3 Pro doesn’t exist afaik. It’s RM Pro or RM4 Pro.
An RM mini3 does exist, but that is IR only.

Its the RM Pro. This one:

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When in learning mode, does it recognize any signal from the remote ?

nope, nothing

Same is for the homey itself.
In dev mode you can learn it rf signals, but no response also.

Bummer! What happens if you cut the power to the lights, and power it on again?
If they’re turning on, you could consider switching them with a smart switch, or smart plug.
That way you can turn them On/Off with Homey.

Yeah that’s a bit confusing. That learming function is only usable in case of writing an app.

How many buttons do you need to switch the lights on and off? Just channel 1?
Do you need this remote or can you order a spare one?
If you don’t need this remote you can use for example a Fibaro smart implant and connect this to the buttons of this remote…

Or, the hillbilly way, but should work fine.
Press the pushbuttons with a bot:

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HI Martijn,
Very late response :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Check Robb Shop. He is selling samen control you have.
He also has created an app for this. See ROBB smarrt App voor Homey | Homey
I saw this because I’ve same problem but another control :sob:

Hi @Martijn_Nobel ,

I have exactly the same spots in my veranda with exactly the same remote control. I have checked the remote control from Robb Shop, but unfortunately it is not exactly the same, but different. I was wondering if you have been able to figure this out?

The signal recorder on Homey Developer Tools also does not give me any results. It did not record any transmissions, neither on 433 nor 868 MHz.